Distracted driving or oblivious to what kind of lane they were driving in. You decide.

Presumed Florida resident and Redditor /u/CMDR_UberDude posted dashcam footage from West Melbourne, FL showing the surprising moment a driver in a Ram 1500 travelling in the right turn only lane barreled through the intersection and into his through lane.

WTH? Yeah, I know, right?

Check out /u/CMDR_UberDude’s dashcam video below.

Well excuuuuuuuse me, princess. [oc]
byu/CMDR_UberDude inIdiotsInCars

The incident happened at the intersection of Dairy Rd. and US 192 (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As OP’s video shows, he’s driving North on Dairy Rd, about a quarter mile from the intersection.

A driver in a maroon Ram 1500, who OP later confirms was a young woman, is driving next to OP in the right turn only lane.

While there are no signs next to US 192 saying the lane, the Ram is driving in is a right turn only lane there are four right turn only arrows he drove over.

Plus, the through and right turn only lanes are separated by a solid white line, a US road marking that everyone knows means no crossing/changing lanes.

It looks like the Ram driver assumed there’d be two lanes ahead because they continue to drive forward.

The Ram driver eventually comes to a “dead end” and, instead of slowing and funneling in behind, she keeps going and even hops a curb along the way.

Fortunately, OP was driving defensively and braked enough to give the clueless Ram driver some space.

“That curb was the first off-road experience that truck has had,” /u/RetroPencil commented.

“Wow, IDK if that person just didn’t care about anything or is on a different planet. Probably cursing you out, too,” /u/Stunning-Space-2622 added.

“In their defense, all those giant right pointing arrows and signs that say right turn only are hard to see when you’re busy texting,” /u/ichkanns sarcastically added.

OP’s dashcam video was cross posted to the Brevard County subreddit which OP commented,

“Was a small young woman driving. If you know her, tell her to get her front suspension checked if nothing else for an alignment. We sat partly next to each other at the next light.

She never made an attempt to look in my general direction. Just sat hunched up close to the wheel. I’m assuming either she knew, or she figure some big A hole was being a bully. Either way, no harm no foul.”

While some road markings might seem obvious to you, you never know the state of mind or level of attention of the drivers around you.

With that in mind, this is another reminder to drive defensively and keep your head on a swivel.



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