Gen Z is in the comments scratching their heads trying to figure out how it works.

Philadelphia-area entrepreneur Celestine Diamond Grant (who goes by @diamondzr4eva42) is going viral on Instagram after sharing a video of her Dad explaining how he fixed his Ford F-150’s ignition switch by installing a $9 button he got at AutoZone on his dash.

Once reserved for sports cars and luxury vehicles, Grant’s Dad essentially gave his truck a push button start ignition!

Check out Grant’s video below.

Grant’s Dad’s truck ignition switch isn’t working like it’s supposed to, it’s no longer sending a signal to his engine’s starter to crank.

New ignition switches are less than $100, but to do an ignition switch replacement on these Fords right, you have to cut and program a new key, too.

Car keys nowadays have transponders in them that, when inserted into your car’s ignition, unlocks your engine completely allowing you to start it.

Cutting a new key is less than $20, but that extra programming costs at least another $100 before taxes.

There are DIY programmers that program for a fraction of the price, but they’re often rental units you have to wait for, which, if you only have one car, is a PITA.

A new ignition switch, a key, cutting the key, and programming, not to mention the labor and this “just a broken ignition switch” costs several hundred dollars, no to mention all that time, to fix.

But, what Grant’s dad did is an ingenious workaround that old school car guys (and gals) have been doing since security keys have been a thing.

Because his key still powers on his Ford, by shorting the starter solenoid under the hood using a screwdriver, he’s able to manually start his engine.

But, as he describes, he has to get out of his truck to do it.

When weather gets to below freezing (which it does in Philadelphia) that gets old real quick.

By installing a push button switch on his dash and wiring it up directly to his starter solenoid, he’s able to bypass the ignition switch altogether and make that solenoid connection from the comfort of his driver’s seat.

Now that’s an old school cool fix!

The button Grant’s Dad uses, it’s less than $9 at WalMart.

It’s not the correct way to fix it, but isn’t it?

It’s probably a 20+ year old truck so it doesn’t make sense to pour hundreds of dollars into a fix when it’s just not worth it.

What would you rather do, a nearly $300 fix plus having to deal with programming a new key or a $9 fix, and now you have push start, too?

Commenters on Instagram were tickled pink with this ingenious fix.

“Clearly I need an old head …. Because men my age have no idea,” @billions_pink commented.

“This the type of man who u have his plate hot and ready with his cup in the freezer and his towels already together in the bathroom when he get home,” @HookedOnBlanco added.

“Too smooth and she was so proud! I love it! Reminds me of how I used to love to listen to my Dad teach me about cars.❤️,” @DiamondsAndPearls86 also replied.

Props to you, Mr. Grant.

Gen Z could never.


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