Internet users are trying their best to honor Walmart #844’s most famous employee.

Earlier last month Gail Lewis, a former Walmart employee of the Morris, IL Walmart SuperCenter, went viral for her brief and heartfelt walkie-talkie sign off on her last day of work.

Curious, I looked up Walmart #844 on my Google Maps app and noticed at least two Maps users are trying to immortalize Lewis’s 10-year legacy on the popular maps app by renaming the Walmart and adding a landmark/memorial, too.

First, here’s Lewis’s viral send-off via NBC Chicago below.

And here are screenshots of those Google Maps users attempts.

As you can see in the screenshot, they’ve renamed the Walmart as the Gail Lewis’ Walmart Super Center and added a Gail Lewis Memorial in the parking lot.

Of course, if you look at the map right now (location linked here) a Google Maps mod or Walmart themselves have taken off those points of interest.

Anyone with a Google account can add a local business, landmark, and etc. on Google Maps.

But, obviously, it has to actually be a real place.

If, for example, the city of Morris really added a memorial statue for Lewis in the parking lot or Walmart upper management renamed the store in Lewis’s honor, those maps changes would stick.

Reviews mentioning Lewis on Google Reviews and Yelp, however, remain. Those, I’m sure, will unfortunately be taken down soon, too.

Gail recently relayed a message to NBC Chicago thanking all her old customers and new fans for their support.

“..Words really can’t describe my gratitude. It almost feels like a dream. I would never guess that this would get this kind of attention.”

The manager of that Walmart even added her well-wishes.

“I am grateful to Gail for her service at the Morris, IL store, and she will be greatly missed. I wish her all the best on her future opportunities.”

Without a doubt, Lewis was a real one, one of Morris, IL’s best Walmart employees ever.

Adding a permanent memorial of some sort honoring Gail’s service, like renaming part of the store in her honor or actually adding a plaque/statue, would be a goat’ed PR move.


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