Millions of Gen-Zers around the world are discovering the analog bathroom tech we all grew up with.

Diesel tech and TikToker Alexis Carrillo was helping a new lube tech get initiated with the workplace. So, when Carrillo saw the new tech absolutely confused with how to use the shop’s old school communal pedal-sink, he not only whipped out his phone to film, but harmlessly joked around with him just because.

Check out Carrillo’s video below (mirror here.)

@bigdaddydiesel3 New lube tech starting Monday, good luck pal #mechanic#mechanicoftiktok#mechaniclife#mechanictiktok#shoplife#shoptiktok ♬ original sound – Alexis Carrillo

In Carrillo’s video, we can see a croc-wearing (which is an entirely different issue) green horn of a lube tech washing his hands using the shop’s pedal sink for the first time.

Carillo starts to mess with him, saying that this is a voice activated sink where you have to say, “water” and “now” to turn on.

He even fakes him out, saying you have to walk up to it while sneakily pressing the foot pedal.

Fortunately, the young lad finally figures it out on accident.

For the uninitiated, pedal sinks are an old-school, low tech, communal sink often found in schools and factories.

The communal foot pedal sink for the restroom in elementary school.
byu/Jamerwilson innostalgia

Since they’re so low tech, easy to maintain, and reduce the spread of disease, they’ve been in places of education and work for decades (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.)

Regardless, they’re being slowly phased out for the newer ADA compliant ones or the more typical sinks with battery powered, touchless faucets.

That’s why the guy in Carrillo’s video was so fixated on the upper half of the sink, trying to look for a sensor.

As such, it’s trending more likely than not that these younger generations are coming across these old school, analog plumbing fixtures for the first time later in life, like this new lube tech.

The comments, of course, thought Carillo’s video was hilarious.

“Boy said water!,” @Kid_Benzo11 commented.

“Bruh, we had these in my elementary school.” @Toa_of_light replied.

You should have told him he has to Bluetooth it to his phone ????????????????,” @SeanDuncan23 suggested.

If you’re wondering, yes, they still make and sell these sinks.

Did your old school or work place have one of these sinks?

Let me know in the comments below.


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