Prior to this, the Ford F-150 driver was caught driving through a golf course gate and doing donuts on the course.

California resident and Redditor /u/Spence-Man uploaded Tesla footage to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing the unhinged moment a driver in a Ford F-150 drove out of his way to sideswipe and crash into the side of /u/Spence-Man’s Tesla.

According to OP, the incident happened back in February, 2023.

Check out the dashcam footage for yourself below.

[OC] Intentional collision was just the beginning of this hit and run
byu/Spence-Man inIdiotsInCars

The incident took place in Carlsbad, CA just after the intersection of Alicante Rd. and Alga Rd (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

In the video, we can see OP in his Tesla driving along Alga Rd.

In the Tesla’s side view, we can see a Ford F-150 approach OP and sideswipe him.

It looks like he just lost a mirror, but the damage was so bad they ended up totaling his Tesla.

OP commented that, prior to this, the driver in the F-150 caused damage to a local golf course.

“Prior to hitting me, he was fleeing the scene where he had plowed through a gate leading into a golf course located on this road where he was caught doing donuts.”

“The golf course gave video to the officer handling the case (iI don’t have that specific video). The officer informed me about all this when he called me to follow up on the police report. The whole thing was nuts. The impact also totaled my car when it tweaked the frame from the impact. Totally nuts.”

OP comments that he followed the F-150 and got his plates for insurance purposes.

Initially, OP was willing to extend him the benefit of the doubt, that this was all an accident, but his actions after he pulled over led him to believe otherwise.

“I began to pull over after he hit me, but then when he sped away and was actively evading me by going 100 mph in a residential area and ignoring lights and stop signs, all consideration that it was an accident was out the window.”

Also, the story the other guy gave to his insurance re this hit-and-run was so bad that their insurance contacted OP directly.

“The idiots’ insurance contacted me directly when the story they were given didn’t match up with the facts. So after I provided them the video, things got pretty bad for him after they caught him in the lies he was telling.”

Many in the comments, myself and OP included, think this sounds a lot like a DUI. The encounter Carlsbad police had with the offending driver’s parents support that allegation.

“The police showed up at his house, but the person that answered wouldn’t let them in without a warrant. Probably a smart move by the likely parents to prevent the police from determining if this was a DUI.”

The whole story is unfortunate for OP but goes to show just how important having a dashcam is and to drive defensively even in the crosshairs of an obvious, road raging lunatic.



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