Your reminder to take it easy and slow, going down icy streets.

Presumed Maryland resident and Redditor /u/Chance410 shared dashcam footage to the /r/IdiotsInCars subreddit showing the surprising moments drivers in a truck and work van narrowly avoiding getting into serious accidents because they were going too fast for the icy conditions.

Check out /u/Chance410’s dashcam footage below.

Work van vs curb on icy road [oc]
byu/chance410 inIdiotsInCars

The incidents occurred near the 1100 block and coming down Chesaco Ave in Rosedale, MD near the intersection with Pulaski Hwy (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As you can see in OP’s dashcam footage and as confirmed by OP,

“this portion of the road does have a minor to moderate decline.”

This one-two punch of a snowy road going downhill is the unexpected combo that unexpectedly reminds oblivious drivers to slow down and take it easy.

In the first half, a driver in a Ford F-150 realizes they can’t stop in time, starts to turn left, but, with little to no traction, realizes they’re now just along for the ride.

Thankfully, their truck swings a good 90 degrees and physics takes over, allowing the truck to come to a complete stop mere feet from slamming into a car stopped at the intersection.

“He wasn’t holding the brakes and got some traction to make the turn, “/u/LetMeInTheSnkerGame points out.

In the next half of the video, a driver in a work van is going way too fast and manages to steer into the parking lot OP is stopped at.

A curb makes quick work of the van’s momentum, the van coming to an abrupt stop.

OP’s video is a reminder if conditions are not conducive for driving, it’s best to wait until they are.

But, if you must go out to drive, taking it slow and starting to stop long before you normally do is the name of the game.

The snow and ice makes the roads slippery, like you’re sliding on a banana peel.

Cars have brakes to slow down, but brakes need grip to work well. On snow and ice, they can’t grab the road as strongly as they do on a dry road.

“If you have ABS, just hold the brakes and let the ABS figure it out. If you don’t, then just light brake pressure and don’t let the tires lock up,” /u/Sohcahtoa82 helpfully points out.

Having the right tires (all-weather (not to be confused with all-season) and winter tires) makes all the difference, too.

“The best cure is prevention. If you have the money, get a set of winter tires like Blizzaks or Pirelli Sottozeroes. Otherwise, get some chains/cables and put them on your front tires.”

“Better yet, stay home.”


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