You can make thousands of profit off only one day’s work buying, fixing, and re-selling used cars.

If you’re looking for a time-tested and honest way to make thousands in profit reliably off of a modest amount of work, buying and reselling cars might be for you.

Houston Entrepreneur and self-proclaimed hustler Micheal Padilla, who goes by @MikeFlipDinero and @MikeTooSlick, shared a video showing how he was able to make $2,000+ of pure profit off of what amounts to one day’s work.

Check out his impressive one-day hustle below.

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Simply put, Padilla bought, fixed up, and resold this Toyota Corolla.

As his video shows, Padilla takes us through his process of how he hunted for and found a good candidate to flip, this 2006 Toyota Corolla on what looks like Offer Up.

These Corollas are a good choice as they’re known for their reliability and hold their value well.

Padilla saw that this Corolla only needed a bit of paint to potentially raise its resale value enough to bring him that 200% ROI.

Padilla’s used car of choice this time, a reliable Corolla that’s probably been parked outside for too long, but is mechnically sound.
With no major damage besides some sun beaten panels, the potential ROI on this Corolla is big.

Padilla also calls himself The Rattle Can Picasso, as his favorite way to re-paint cars happens to be one of the most frugal and cost-effective ways to bring old cars back to life.

Next, Padilla shows us how, using his skills behind a rattle can, he’s able to prep, respray, and clear the hood, bumper, and panels that needed a little extra TLC.

To be honest, as the after shots show, the final product is something I’d call a “good enough” paint job, one that looks good from 20 feet away and is best reserved for cars that are slightly better than so-called beaters.

From far away you can already see that, although he probably bought a rattle can of factory color, the new, repainted panels don’t match up with the factory paint 100 percent.

And, take a close look, and you’ll likely find a lot of orange peel, runs, and clear coat that could use a bit of polishing.

For a Corolla from the mid-2000s that someone’s likely going to use as a commuter car, a rattle can re-spray is…good enough.

In addition to a re-spray, Padilla hired someone to clean the interior for an extra $100, bought some floor mats, and spruced up the steel wheels with a new set of wheel covers.

Padilla hired someone to clean the interior for $100.

And, here’s what that $900 Corolla looks like all cleaned up.

The after shots, notice how Padilla doesn’t really show a closeup, which would probably show a lot of orange peel and a mis-match in color with the original paint.

Padilla knows his market, and knows a 7/10 rattle can job is worth the investment when it’ll command more than leaving it as is in the sun beaten, worn condition he bought it as.

As his breakdown shows, his investments paid off, netting Padilla over $2,000 in profit.

Padilla’s TikTok has a couple of his other reselling wins worth a watch if you’re at all interested in this kind of side hustle.

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And, as Padilla’s page shows, if you live in a large enough market with a steady supply of used cars with a lot of potential and are willing to up your skills, that side hustle can turn into something of a full time job.


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