A left lane didn’t make way for a cop responding to an emergency and instead delayed them for several seconds.

Presumed Maryland resident and Redditor /u/Dadbert197 shared some particularly frustrating dashcam footage from earlier this weekend (Feb 11, 2024) from MD-295 in Jessup, MD showing a driver in the left lane purposely delaying a police officer on their way to an emergency.

Check out the a**hat in the left lane below.

[oc] Idiot left-lane squatter blocks, then brake-checks cop
byu/Dadbert97 inIdiotsInCars

This particular incident took place on MD-295 in Jessup, MD just after the border with Hanover, MD (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As OP’s footage shows, he’s driving in the right lane when a police cruiser with its lights on passes him on his left.

Drivers are supposed to make way for emergency vehicles, safely changing lanes to the right or pulling off to the shoulder entirely.

Instead, the only car in front of the police cruiser refuses to change lane and continues going the same speed.

Not only that, after a good 10 seconds, we can see the left lane squatter actually brake check the cop.

For an additional 10 seconds, they brake check the cop two more times until the police officer just gives up and goes around the driver.

Presumably, the police officer had their dashcam running, so reporting their plates after the fact shouldn’t be a problem.

“I wonder if they’ll get a personal visit after doing that s**t. They sure deserve it,” /u/FLTDI commented.

“Mother****er, lucky the bacon had bigger fish to fry.” /u/Kevaldes added.

“Classic Maryland driver. They believe the left lane is for driving,” /u/Manarius5 replied.

Failure to slow down and move over is against the law and carries with it a fine of up to $750 and three points depending on if there’s a death or serious injury.

On top of that, brake checking is reckless driving and is subject to a fine of up to $1,000 before fees are tacked on.

Not moving over and getting out of the way for emergency vehicles is extremely selfish and actually further endangers lives.

On top of fines and points, jail time should be considered, too, just to further drive home the point.


  1. Just pay him a visit, after the Emergency call and give him “due process” with a number if citations and then, Suspend his License for all the violations of the Laws you can muster. I can think of 5 right off the top

    • Emergency vehicle has the right away, just move over. Outta courtesy and respect you see a police vehicle
      or a ambulance, move your butt over. Any vehicle trying to pass in the left lane you are suppose to move over.

  2. Maximum fine for not moving over, brake checking..suspend licence for a YEAR and then some JAIL TIME. Throw the book at this jerk. They just empowered this creep by going around him/her.


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