Not since 2015 has the Super Bowl MVP won a car.

Every year, moments after the Super Bowl MVP gets a trophy, a lot of fans wonder if the Super Bowl MVP will get a car, too.

This year, the 2024 Super Bowl MVP is once again Patrick Mahomes.

The short answer is no, Patrick Mahomes will not be getting a free car.

As I’ve blogged since 2019 on this blog and every year since, I’ve confirmed the Super Bowl MVP doesn’t get a car.

In fact, the last time a Super Bowl MVP won a car was in 2015 when Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady won a 2015 Chevrolet Colorado from GM and then turned around and re-gifted it to Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler, the arguable hero of the that particular game.

Even though the 2024 Super Bowl MVP doesn’t get a car to go with his trophy, that doesn’t mean the tradition can’t come back.

Toyota took over where Hyundai left off in 2020 and became the Official Automotive Partner of the NFL earlier last year, although they haven’t stated a desire to bring back the storied Super Bowl tradition of handing over a set of keys.

Although, if Toyota follows in the footsteps of Hyundai, that tradition probably won’t come back.

When Hyundai ended its four-year run with the NFL, they stated they no longer found value in handing out cars and would rather sponsor teams and broadcasts instead.

We already see that strategy playing out earlier this month when Toyota signed Brock Purdy to be an official ambassador.

So, although I’d love to see this year’s Super Bowl MVP get a car, there seems to be no good reason, economics-wise, to justify handing out a car.

And, like any decent NFL player, MVP or not, Mahomes can buy his own car, or 20.


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