According to a police report, the lifted truck driver supposedly tried to pull the other driver out of their vehicle.

Arizona resident and Redditor /u/Deastruacsion posted up dashcam footage from earlier this week (Fen 9, 2024) from Glendale, AZ showing the harebrained moment a driver in a lifted truck tried to pull a fast one and run a red light from the wrong lane, but instead gets T-boned by another red light runner.

Yeah, it sounds a little confusing, but just watch /u/Deastruacsion’s video below.

[OC] Tries to overtake a red light then gets aggressive
byu/Deastruacsion inIdiotsInCars

The incident happened just outside the Tangier Outlets at the intersection of N 95th Ave. and W Hanna Ln (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

Here’s a close-up of the left turn lane signs in front of both offending drivers, both are in left turn only lanes.

The larger red rectangle shows where the lifted truck and Jeep Grand Cherokee where, and the smaller rectangle highlights the left turn lane sign.

It’s worth noting that, in Arizona, it’s totally legal to make a U-turn from a red light as long as you don’t enter the intersection (past the prolongation of the curb line) and don’t interfere with other traffic.

As OP’s dashcam video shows, they’re on the other side of where the incident happened.

We see the lights turn green and OP and the rest of the traffic starts to go.

All of a sudden, a driver in a lifted black truck tries to make a U-turn on red from the outermost left turn lane.

He would’ve made it if it wasn’t for another driver in a Jeep Grand Cherokee in the other turn lane who decides to do the exact same thing.

The driver in the Grand Cherokee T-bones the lifted black truck, and now they’ve got their very own little crash to sort out.

The driver in the lifted black truck is not happy to say the least as we see him slap the top of the hood of the Grand Cherokee from the driver’s side window while his yelling.

“That lean out of the driver’s window to slap the hood of the other car was just classic. I’m so glad you caught that,” /u/IWasBitByAMoose commented.

“I really hope that they put the fault at 75/25 on the truck… yeah, the SUV ran the red light, too, but at least he didn’t try to do a U-turn from the wrong lane and run a red light at the same time… as I mentioned in another comment, it’s probably likely that he just saw the truck going and started to go and was unable to see the light because the giant truck was right in front of him but didn’t realize the truck was trying to do a U-turn,” /u/Spirited_Refuse9265 added.

“Of course it’s a lifted truck. It’s ALWAYS a lifted truck.The bigger the truck the smaller the ego,” /u/Hey_u_ok chimed in.

OP confirmed that he handed off his footage to police shortly after and that the other driver tried to pull the other guy out.

“I didn’t see the guy try to drag the other person out. I saw that on a report of the incident. He apparently got aggressive (tried to pull the other driver out of their car) then fled the scene.”

Armed with footage and license plates, hopefully Glendale PD makes quick work of finding these doofuses and charging them accordingly.


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