The driver ran the red light while signaling right from a turn only lane.

Presumed Southern Californian and Redditor /u/Gerbil_11 shared shocking dashcam footage from Burbank, CA from yesterday (May 13, 2024) showing the moment a driver in a gold Chrysler 300C entered the intersection, crossing OP and another driver, a good four seconds after his set of lights turned red.

Check out the hard to miss moment below.

The incident happened at the intersection of San Fernando Blvd. and N Buena Vista St. in Burbank, CA (exact location on Google Maps linked here.)

As OP’s video shows, he goes just as his light turns green.

Keen eyes will notice, moments before, a driver in a Chrysler 300C approaching the intersection from the left in the right turn only lane signaling like he’s about to turn.

The soon-to-be red light runner.

The Chrysler doesn’t slow and instead barrels through the intersection headed straight, coming with inches of the Mercedes hard top convertible in the other lane.

Running red lights in California is subject to a nearly $450 fine after all the fees are added on, not to mention one point on your record.

“Amazing reaction on that other guy,” /u/FrostsTheThird commented.

“Wow, close call, and at the speed of the other driver was going…that black car next to you was lucky,” /u/Aleix0 added.

“A bit of hilarious irony: he had his right turn signal on!,” /u/alskdmv-nosleep4u replied.

In all honestly, OP and the other car did everything right, they took a beat after their light turned green and didn’t launch off the start like some drivers.

And, thankfully, they had the awareness and keen peripheral vision to react quickly to the approaching driver.

Had they drove off a millisecond earlier or later, this would’ve ended up a differently.


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