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Los Angeles Cyclist police

Video shows cyclists damaging Police SUV before random car injures another bystander

Footage shot before and during a vigil shows cyclists damaging and destroying a police SUV before a random car plows through their gathering Tensions are...
Carpool mannequin

San Jose driver caught cheating carpool with mannequin

This certainly isn't the first time someone's been caught trying to cheat carpool lane privileges with a mannequin but really? Traffic is so bad in the...
reflective plates fine

Doing this to your California License Plate will cost you $1105

If you see this on your own license plate or decide that you'll be clever and do this to your set of plates, know...
California disabled placard abuse

Get an $1800 fine in California for misusing a disabled placard

You will most likely get a $1,800 fine if you misuse a disabled placard in San Francisco. People who break disabled placard laws in California...
SUV Stockton Fire

Arsonist and Grade A idiot lit this SUV on fire in Stockton

What motivated this arson to light this Chevrolet Suburban on fire is beyond me but the Stockon PD needs your help in ID'ing this...
Distracted walking

$100 fine for using your cell phone in a crosswalk in this California city

Police can smack you with a $100 fine if you use your cellphone in a crosswalk in the California city. If you happen to find...
truck tunnel

Stolen truck literally drives into metro tunnel during L.A. car chase

This allegedly stolen truck ditched police and a news chopper by driving into a Los Angeles Light railway tunnel. If you desperately want to avoid...
Santa Monica Bike path

L.A. decides it’s cheaper to repair bike lanes than pay settlements

The City of Los Angeles has stepped up repairing bike lanes on streets and trails thanks to mounting settlement costs. Oftentimes the only language your...

Oakland Police tow dozens of cars and arrest hundreds in latest sideshow crackdown

Sideshow activity in the East Bay is just too damn high. It's one thing to have isolated sideshows where a couple of cars will block...
Mitsubishi Eclipse

Stockton Police getting roasted for citing a FWD Eclipse for alleged sideshow activity

Think of all the vehicles you typically see at a sideshow. Did you think of a front wheel drive Mitsubishi Eclipse? Stockton police sure...

100 MPH wrong way driver kills 1, CHP sergeant says, “worst he’s ever seen”

A carjacker decided, for some odd reason, that now was a good time to die and drove onto a California freeway at triple-digit speeds. She's...
Lowrider hopper

This lowrider hopper skimped out on reinforcements, you won’t believe what happens next

This lowrider putting on a show for this California crowd is going to have to go back to the drawing board after his suspension...
CHP chicken

Enjoy 20 seconds of California police chasing chickens on a freeway

Someone managed to lose more than a dozen live chickens on a California freeway so CHP came in to deal with it. If you're missing...

You can tint your windshield and side windows in California with this one exception

Thanks to a new set of laws passed in 2017 you can legally get tint on your front windshield and side windows thanks to...
Irwindale Speedway

Irwindale Speedway to stay open allegedly for five more years

"The House of Drift" will be open for business at least until 2023. Update: Official announcement posted. It looks like the developers who decided Irwindale Speedway...
Stolen accord

Sacramento area police using popular stolen cars as bait to catch thieves

Porch pirates and Honda car thieves beware because this Sacramento area police has a very specific type of bait they use to catch criminals. How...
CC skimmer

San Jose Police find Credit Card skimmer at Gilroy gas station

It's hard to believe that such a low-level piece of technology like a credit card skimmer could be found at a California gas station...

AB-63 provisional driving restrictions clash against being a designated driver and a carpooler

California legislation AB-63 is one Governor signature away from becoming the law of the land and being printed into California DMV handbooks. Simply put,...
Department of General Services

Did these joyriding teens who stole a fleet of CA Gov cars prevent an...

At least 21 cars and SUV's were stolen from the fleet garage of the State of California run by the Department of General Services. *Let me...
Atwater tanker

This Is What It Looks Like When A Tanker Full Of Gas Overturns

A tanker carrying close to 9,000 gallons of fuel overturned in the Central Valley, Calif. Almost like straight out of a film set at Universal Studios,...
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