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five bottles of Pro X One car care cleaning products

Who makes Pro X One car care products and are they any good?

O'Reilly Auto Parts has a new selection of affordably priced car cleaning products. Browsing the latest O'Reilly Auto Parts online ad and I came...
A Mazda Demio hood with hood spacers installed

Do hood spacers work?

Here's why you won't see any performance benefits adding hood spacers or hood risers to your stock hood. The idea behind hood spacers (or hood...
A cylindrical shaped handheld vacuum available from Wish and Alibaba

Is the Portable Car Vacuum cleaner from Modern Vacuum Cleaners any good?

Here's why you might be paying almost 5x more buying one from Scrolling around Facebook and I came across an ad for a...
Baldwin and Supertech, two oil filters made in the USA

Which oil filters are made in the United States?

Looking for an oil filter made in the USA? These brands are your best bet. Despite OEM and aftermarkets parts increasingly being outsourced to countries...
Packaging from a MicroGard Oil filter

Who makes MicroGard oil filters and are they any good?

MicroGard oil filters remain a solid value choice. Here's why. This sentence is to test cache. Stop in at any O'Reilly Auto Parts store for an...
A tiny LED blinking randomly in the middle of nowhere

What is that blinking LED light you see at night in the middle of...

I saw such a blinking LED and found out exactly what it was. If you've come across this blog post, you probably saw a blinking...
A 2022 Acura MDX and a door jamb label from an MDX

What is Acura MDX’s GVWR & GAWR front and rear? (updated for all years)

Here's a giant list of Gross Vehicle Weight Ratings and Gross Axle Weight Ratings for the Acura MDX The Acura MDX is Acura's flagship SUV,...
A Harbor Freight Gold ratchet head

Why does Harbor Freight sell a gold ratchet?

Here's why someone will spend $30 more for that 24K gold plating. Walk around or shop online at any Harbor Freight store, and you've probably...
An Aston Martin DBX

Is an Aston Martin DBX eligible for a 100% tax write-off of the vehicle...

This is how to fully depreciate your Aston Martin DBX just in your first year of ownership. *Disclaimer: I'm not a tax expert and any...
Lionhart tires on a 20 inch wheel

Who makes Lionhart tires and are they any good?

Why drivers with high-performance cars, trucks, and SUVs are surprised by Lionharts. Who makes Lionhart tires? Shopping for one or a whole set of replacement tires...
A side profile of a Landsail Tire

Who makes Landsail tires and are they any good?

This Landsail tire outperforms premium UHP tires at half the price. Landsail Tires are part of the Sentury Tire Family Brand of tires. The Sentury...
A pair of wings on Pink Crocs

How to get a pair of car wings for your Crocs for free

Looking for a gift for a car enthusiast who likes Crocs that can take a joke? Scrolling through my friend's Instagram stories and I...
A Komatsu PC01E mini excavator demo at Honda's welcome center in Japan

What is the world’s smallest excavator?

Not only is this mini-excavator extremely tiny and super cute, there's an EV version, too. Think excavator and large, earth moving machines that scoop tons...
Example of an appearance package on a window sticker

What is a dealership appearance package?

Priced upwards of $1,000+, these dealer add-ons are often unnecessary but unavoidable. You've found the car you want in the right trim level, color, and...
A panel showing examples of Mamalonas trucks

What is La Mamalona in car slang when you’re talking about trucks?

This is what your friend is referring to when he calls his truck "La Mamalona." A heads-up: Filipino-American here writing about Mexican American slang. Please...
A Chevron gas station in San Francisco California off Sagamore St.

Why is Chevron with Techron more expensive & is gas with Techron worth the...

Here why your car might feel more responsive with what feels like extra power after filling up with Chevron gas Everyone knows Chevron gas is...
Does the Ecotune fuel saver work

Does the Ecotune OBD2 Fuel-Saver actually work?

The Ecotune OBD2 fuel-saver promises 35% fuel savings. It sounds too good to be true...because it probably is! Earlier this week I was browsing my...
Can I cross malfunctioning railroad crossing arms?

Is it legal to drive around lowered malfunctioning railroad crossing arms if I can’t...

It sounds logical to drive around lowered railroad crossing arms when your senses say it's safe, but the law says otherwise. Imagine this scenario. Rushing...
EcoBox Fuel Saver Scam

Does the EcoBox fuel saver work?

The device claims to save you 30-35 percent on fuel costs, but here's why it's a scam and doesn't actually work. Update: 8/24/2022 - I'm...
serious man in disposable mask and earbuds driving car at daytime

Why do people wear face masks even if they’re alone in their own car?

Face masks are a great tool to stop the spread of infectious disease so, why wear one alone in your own car? If you've driven...
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