Newly minted Pro driver Dan Burkett had the opportunity to shred some tires in preparation for Round 1 of Formula Drift at Long Beach.

If you’re a fan of Pro Formula Drift and iconic JDM chassis you might feel a little left out with. With the exception of the Nissan S-Chassis most Pro drivers (at least in F.D.) graduate to something newer. That isn’t the case when it comes to Dan Burkett and his 900 WHP Toyota Supra out of Costa Mesa, California. Thanks to Winding Highway Studios and their Instagram post that dropped earlier yesterday (Mar. 29, 2017) we caught a glimpse of Dan’s beautiful widebody Supra making some clouds on the infamous Streets of Long Beach. Check out that video below!

Seconds in and you can immediately recognize the iconic sound of Toyota’s legendary inline-6, the 2JZ, as it sucks all that sea-level air through its intake past the forced induction and furiously out the back of its exhaust. As far as cloud machines go, it looks like Dan’s Supra is a natural with that 2JZ hitting its rev limiter and copious amounts of white smoke billowing out the back.

And from the looks of things it looks like Dan’s got the course down and will definitely be a contender come qualifying on Friday. All in all it’s already a crowd favorite in our books.

Dan will have plenty of competition this year as there are over 40 drivers that will be competing for the championship. As for how many show up to Long Beach, we’ll have to wait and see.

All the action kicks off on Friday this week with Qualifying at 1:15 P.M. PST with Top 32 competition starting at  11 A.M. the next day. Click here for a full schedule and more details for Rd.1 at Long Beach.

In the meantime here’s Dan’s Supra getting his tune right at FSR Motorsports.

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We are lucky enough to be a part of the @raddandrift race program. Here are some clips to show you that tuning isn't just about making horsepower. Among other things we make sure that Dan gets smoothly back onto boost after falling off the limiter in translations as well as configuring his flat shift. The latter is more of a proof of concept than a demonstration as WOT shifting a 900whp Supra pointing at a cinder block wall is a bit intimidating #peedalittle Come out to #formuladrift Long Beach to watch this beast compete!!! #fsr #fsrtuned #fsrmotorsports #raddan #RadDanDrift #racecar #ournieghborsloveus #supraturbo #supra #mkiv #mkivsupra #mkivdotcom #carsofinstagram #carswithoutlimits #becauseracecar #drift #drifting #driftsupra #driftmotion #2jz #2jzgte #turbo #flatshift #boost @driftmotion1 @rad_industries

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