The first couple of Ferrari 812 Superfasts are making their way around the world to dealerships and this first one managed to land in Monaco.

If there’s going to be that one place on earth that gets all the best cars first you better believe that it’s going to be Monaco. According to our friendly Japanese reporters from Intensive911 on their report earlier today (Mar. 30,2017) this Ferrari 812 Superfast, which happens to be the first production example to hit city streets, was caught on camera being driven out from its transport truck and onto city streets. Unfortunately, the unloader didn’t regale us with a blast from its monstrous V12. Nevertheless us poors got to see just how much road presence this 812 Superfast has in real life. Check out the Fipeux’s video below.

One thing is for certain when looking at this Ferrari 812 Superfast being unloaded, this SF is absolutely beautiful from all angles. Its two box design hearkens back 50 years prior as the SF gains inspiration from the 365 GTB4. Although its rear haunches are short, its fenders are muscularly sculpted to further accentuate its rear haunches. The low long front and short rear give the SF a classic raked look.

Although its design is sortof a throwback to simpler times its running gear and technology is far from archaic. This is the first Ferrari with electric steering, benefits from improved four wheel steering and has full LED headlights.

Finally, there’s the engine. This Ferrari is naturally aspirated and goes against the trend of stuffing smaller engines with forced induction where big NA engines woud’ve been. Although we can’t hear the engine being man handled at least there are a couple of official and not so official videos floating around Youtube that will satisfy our ears.

A quick run-through of its engine stats is enough to get us to see why this particular V12 is so special. It’s 6.5 L engine boasts a whopping 790 HP and 530 lb-ft at 7,000 rpm (although 80 percent of that torque is available at a much lower 3,500 rpm.) Zero to 60 MPH comes in at just 2.9 seconds and top speed is quoted at greater than 211 MPH.

No word on pricing or on how many will be made but you can expect it to be a tad more expensive than a F12 Berlinetta at $320,000.


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