Top-touch technology has a practical solution to motorcycling in cold weather conditions but its design has some social media users confused is lacking in aesthetics.

If you’re going to be riding your motorcycle or scooter in the winter months ahead, you’ll most likely need something to keep you nice and warm in the blustery elements. Thankfully, Top-Touch technology has you covered. But according to some Twitter users from earlier this weekend (Nov. 26, 2017), the design of this winter motorcycling clothing is somewhat perplexing. Check out a photo of the offending piece of winter garb below.

At first glance, the execution leaves something to be desired. Compared to regular motorcycle clothing, this particular cold weather solution isn’t even form fitting to the body. Granted, it’s probably a one-sized fits all solution that can be used by multiple riders, it lacks a certain aesthetic.

It’s not like this particular manufacturer didn’t try. There are actually some rather convincing looking drawings with dimensions that point to someone putting some thought into the design.

Their marketing budget might not be as large as other motorcycling clothing manufacturers as they seem to use the exact same stock photo model in each and every photo, but an effort was made to show their product works on seemingly every type of motorcyclist.

There are even some features pointed out they want you to know about. For one, they only use high-quality cotton, not that regular cotton you might find elsewhere. There might be some meaning lost in translation, but the sewing is advertised as beautiful and durable. However, one look at the sewing and “beautiful” is not a word that comes to mind. Industrial, maybe.

At just $42 a piece, this winter motorcycling clothing isn’t all that expensive, then again $42 is a lot to spend on something that arguably is a sham of a product.

One Twitter user was able to locate a variation of this garment being used in real life.

Perhaps, for small jaunts to your local convenience store or rides around the neighborhood, this would be a good idea. As pictured above, the ease of which someone can put on this on compared to regular motorcycling outerwear probably makes it popular for scooter drivers and less serious motorcyclists who want to put something on quickly.

At speeds above 25 MPH, buffetting might become an issue. But for longer rides, ones where I’d like to keep my dignity when I arrive at my destination, no thanks.


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