Some crazy Honda S2000 owner is asking for $70,000 for his roadster.

The Honda S2000 is an uncommon car, no doubt about that. But asking close to twice the MSRP for one eleven years later is downright ridiculous. According to this eBay ad which popped up on my radar earlier this weekend (Dec 25, 2017) this seller hopes to unload this uncommon S2000 for $70,000. Admittedly, this Honda S2000 is a club racer delete variant making it one of 59, but it’s still a pretty ridiculous asking price. Check out a couple of photos of this rare S2K below.

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This particular roadster is a 2008 Honda S2000 Club Racer Delete in Grand Prix White with just 5,900 miles on the odometer making it one of the rarest and desirable trim levels of the S2000 ever made. And with a low-mileage, the owner has classified it as “collector grade.”

The Club Racer edition S2000 was indeed special. Among enthusiasts, since the S2000 was in and of itself a roadster made for the track, making a club racer edition pushed that ethos even closer to what an S2000 should be. The Club Racer got a lower ratio steering rack, revised exhaust system, black lug nuts, darker colored wheels, clear side markers, stiffer suspension and new Bridgestone Potenza RE070 tires that were wider at the rear and a revised body kit. Suffice to say, a Club Racer S2000 is the purists S2000.

Optional on the Club Racer was air conditioning and the radio, which most Club Racers opted for. Those that didn’t get AC and radio were labeled as CR Deletes. Out of the 699 CR’s that were made, only 59 are deletes. It goes without saying but deletes were the lightest S2000s of them all, making them the fastest stock S2000s in North America at least.

This is not the first time this owner has tried to sell this exact S2000. Just last year, this owner was asking for the same amount on his “For Sale” thread on Ferrari Chat. 

The fact of the matter is, while the CR Delete S2000 is rare, it’s not entirely desirable. For one, while there were only 699 CRs made, there were close to 70,000 units of the S2000 in its entire production run. That makes finding a used example for a fraction of the price of this one, pretty easy. I found one with just 60K on the odometer for $11,000. A regular S2000, for driving pleasure, is almost as good, if not better on the daily than any CR.

The fact of the matter is this owner thinks his CR delete is rare. And although he might be right on paper, in reality, the demand curve and his asking price just aren’t crossing anytime soon.


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