I don’t know if anyone can top this “in real life” Acura NSX with a livery inspired by Macross now that someone has added a FAST pack to it.

Originality is hard to come by when it comes to custom liveries and while this Macross inspired NSX is definitely on the short list of “Best original NSX liveries” this edit of it surely puts it over the top as one of the best photoshops of an NSX I’ve ever come across. According to Acura Connected on their update on this Clarion Build NSX from earlier this month (Dec. 10, 2017) it looks like graphic designer Javi Gomez has one-upped the Macross NSX and has given it a photoshop worth of the car’s namesake. Check out the awesome edit below!


Despite what I thought of seeing the photo, this NSX actually exists in real life.  Owned by Jhae Pfenning, this NSX was given a livery and complete makeover inspired by the popular Macross anime franchise.

According to Jhae’s official Clarion build page,

Once I decided on making the NSX a fighter jet theme based on Macross — my favorite anime growing up — I felt I needed to make sure the car was much faster than before to substantiate the wrap. I set out to design one of the most technical and detail oriented wraps anyone has ever seen that was fighter jet inspired, yet it did not need to look realistic.

What results is an NSX the likes which you’ve never seen before. Taking cues from the VF-1 Valkyrie, a fictional variable fighter jet in the Macross series, this wrap has all the right markings to impress any fan of the show.

This is where photoshop extraordinaire, Javi Gomez came in. According to Macross2.net,

The FAST Pack system was designed to enhance the VF-1 Valkyrie variable fighter for space operations.

The FAST Pack system was designed to enhance the VF-1 Valkyrie variable fighter for space operations.

Not only did the FAST pack add additional thrusters to the VF-1, it also added a huge Gatling gun, missiles, and additional armaments. Although it wouldn’t be feasible or make sense to make a FAST pack for this NSX in real life, to see one photoshopped on one is absolutely priceless.

Hats off to Javi Gomez and his awesome edit. Rest assured this NSX is now my wallpaper both on my phone and my desktop.


  1. Thanks Paulo. Javi Gomez actually has no idea of anything about Robotech or Macross. On my commission request and strict direction, he produced the digital enhancement for me.


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