Sure you can measure your camber angle by heading to a tire shop or doing it the old-fashioned DIY way, but it won’t be the most JDM way to do it.

So you call yourself a JDM car enthusiast and you’ve committed to keeping your car 100 percent Japanese Domestic Market. But where do you go if you want to increase the camber angle of your wheels in order to fit your oversized rims underneath your stock fenders? Surely, not Sears or Walmart’s tire center. According to RS-R Japan on their Facebook post from earlier yesterday (Dec. 27, 2017) they are hooking you up with a product that won’t only measure your camber angle using just your smartphone and a special tool, it’ll be the most JDM way to do it. Yes, that company known for its exhausts and suspension upgrades is now making mad camber that much easier. Check out their official post below.

According to RS-R,

This camber gauge is used with your smart phone.
Just download the app on your smart phone and mount it on the gauge.

Function is …
・Show 4 corners angle
・Save the measurement data
・English display

Camber is the angle that your car’s wheel makes with the road when viewed from the front. A positive camber has the top of the tire pointing out more than the bottom of the tire and negative camber is vice versa.

Camber has effects on handling. For maximum traction in a straight line, zero camber is optimal. But to achieve the ideal contact patch size for cornering, a bit of negative camber, depending on the vehicle can help.

Although, in a large majority of cases where aesthetics rules over function, negative camber is popular. Fitting large sized wheels on cars not meant to have that large of a wheel has been a popular trend in car circles since modifying cars was a thing. By putting lots of negative camber into a vehicle, one can fit a large wheel under a wheel well without hitting anything.

Now, with RS-R’s smartphone app, dialing in your own camber at home is that much easier. Not only can you set camber for each individual wheel, you’ll know that each one is where you want it thanks to the smartphone’s precise measurement capability.

I’m sure there are other smartphone apps out there that do the exact same thing but none of them are as JDM as RS-R’s will be.

RS-R’s camber gauge will debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon which kicks off later next year from January 12-14.


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