Finding good parking in Japan is a privilege so when this driver decided that it was OK to park in an area meant only for shoppers, this Japanese store owner got his revenge.

Japan’s a relatively small country compared to the rest of the world so when they delegate space for parking, they’re spots solely for customers who frequent the immediate area’s shops. But when one errant Japanese driver decided to use this particular shopping area’s parking for hours on end without actually any shopping, according to this shop owner who posted about his revenge earlier last week (Jan 16, 2018) he got his comeuppance in the best way possible. Check out the photos below to see what I mean!

Yup, if you look real close in that photo above, you can barely make out what looks like a car surrounded by a snow fortress of shame. The direct to English translation says,

A car that seems to be parking without permission in the super parking lot was executed by a snow country unique punishment.

In other words, his punishment was exacted upon him in a unique way that only a snowy region of the country could inflict on his poor decision. Presumably, the shop owner went out and took his sweet time in building a four-foot wall of snow around this dude’s SUV. I’m assuming he wasn’t busy and this was on his break because that took some major time and energy.

And it gets even better as one twitter replier posted up what looks like the aftermath of this guy’s ordeal.

Can you imagine the look on this guy’s face when he came back to his SUV and found himself surrounded by the powdery stuff? Then the shame of having to dig your way in, make a hole the size of your car, then maneuver your way out? I think he learned his lesson.

Parking in Japan is a privilege, folks. If you ever find yourself navigating that wonderful country, be a bro and follow all signs and local customs.


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