If you were looking for a Cadillac crossover to gift to your parents after you’ve been in the workforce for years and finally have enough money to be a bit generous, you’re in luck.

Crossovers. Car enthusiasts loathe them but people who actually buy cars can’t get enough of them. Cadillac’s crossover game is OK with the XT5 but really needed a shot in the arm with a new model. The wait will soon be over as according to Car Scoops on their inside information they got earlier today (Jan 17, 2018) it looks like the XT4 prototype that’s been making its rounds thanks to a couple of spy shots is ready to debut in March at the 2018 New York Auto Show.

Cadillac tried its best to keep sales afloat for the entire brand by pushing their bigger sedans, the game-changing CTS, and the smaller ATS. The CTS is a phenomenal car and the ATS checks off a lot of boxes for a lot of consumers but that’s not simply good enough. Dismal sales have really pushed Cadillac to fast-track a smaller crossover we now know as XT4.

Sized smaller than the XT5, the XT4 will ride on a modular Cadillac platform and will presumably be eight tenths the size of an XT5. The spy shots indicate that XT4 will follow the same angular design language we’ve come to expect from Cadillac. Cheaper price means slightly cheaper design elements like straight black plastic instead of chrome and simpler patterned wheels and interior details.

As for this crossover’s performance, good will probably be good enough so expect something small and turbocharged underneath the hood. Cadillac’s LTG 2.0L turbocharged engine in the ATS seems a ripe candidate with 272 HP and 295 lb-ft.

I’ll definitely be looking forward to a mega comparison test that’ll shortly follow these making their way to journalist fleets. Seems like most of these crossovers claim they’re sporty, but whose the sportiest of them all?

Get your checkbooks out you older millennials and baby boomers because this XT4 is ready to sell, sell, sell.


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