If you want to see just how desperate people are to get into a used NSX and how hot the market is, check out this totaled NSX being sold for at least $30,000.

If I told you that a totaled NSX is being sold for at least $30,000 you probably wouldn’t believe me, but it’s true. According to Bring A Trailer on their latest NSX that’s been posted up for sale, with three days left in bidding, this totaled 1995 Acura NSX is already up to $27,777 as of this writing. With a couple more days left and with those infamous last minute bids that can see the auction price shoot up by thousands within an hour, I’m betting that this NSX will pass $30,000 and then some. Who knows? Check out a photo of the NSX I’m talking about below.

At first glance, this you’d think I’m missing something by saying that this Acura NSX was totaled but if you read the article and do a little digging for yourself you’ll find that that’s exactly the case.

Back in 2009 and already on its fifth owner, this 1995 Acura NSX hit an animal and was classified as a TLV or total loss vehicle by the insurance provider at the time with “minor to moderate damage reported.” Although I couldn’t dig up any before pictures of what the damage looked like, the owner that did cause the damage is quoted to say that, “…all of the damage was in front of the suspension.” And in the ad, this necessitated the change of, “…the hood, right fender, bumper, and headlight cover.”

The NSX is a mid-engined car so fortunately, the engine itself is undamaged obviously. With an all aluminum tub, it’s impossible to say if the frame is 100 percent A-OK.

Regardless, the previous owner says that the repairs carried out do not affect the handling of the vehicle. The current owner was an Acura Tech with supposedly some serious skills who sorted out some of the smaller problems that the previous owner left unattended. You can read up on what he did on his official rebuild thread here. 

Except if you’re in the know, you’d never guess this NSX had been in an accident, and I guess that’s why it’s being auctioned off at such a high price at the moment.

I’ll be curious to see how high this NSX sells for. Bookmark this page or our website as I’ll surely give you an update once the final bid is placed.


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