Allegedly, Tom Cruise was the one who John Cena sold his 2017 Ford GT too.

With John Cena and Ford’s court battle still in limbo with both sides putting their cards out on the table, one question has remained, where IS that 2017 Ford GT anyways. Well, according to TV writer and show host Spike Feresten on his latest podcast, he followed up on his latest well-kept secret that Tom Cruise is the one that bought it from John Cena. As a matter of fact, Spike is pushing hard to get John on his podcast.

“We’re pushing hard to get John Cena to come in here. I don’t know where that is at…I think that’s the natural progression of our lawsuit chat of John Cena vs. Ford. “

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Supposedly Spike and others in the car community have known about this secret for months. This bombshell first dropped a couple podcasts ago when five minutes into his monologue he stated that,

“The person rumored to purchased John Cena’s Ford GT is Tom Cruise. No joke. What this fellow told to me, this Ford Dealer everybody knows, but it’s a well kept secret that Tom Cruise bought this car from John Cena.”

When asked by podcast partner and Beverley Hills attorney Paul Zuckerman why Tom Cruise didn’t just buy it from Ford directly, Spike surmised that Tom probably didn’t even know the car existed until it the Ford GT started making its media rounds.

IF this latest rumor is true, it would make a lot of sense. It’s no secret, unlike his alleged Ford GT ownership, but the man loves his cars. In his personal collection are such stalwarts of supercar pedigree like the Bugatti Veyron including a couple of American classics like the Chevelle SS and late model Saleen Mustang.

Tom Cruise Chevelle
Tom Cruise driving a Chevelle as seen in Jack Reacher

And not only does the man know how to drive thanks to a couple of driving stunts under his belt, he’s even almost bested Former F1 Ace David Coulthard in his own F1 car. Check out the 2011 Red Bull F1 video below.

As it stands, John Cena’s attorney’s have motioned to dismiss the charges from Ford claiming that they never really had an agreement to not sell the car in the first place.

That was over a month ago so we should hear about how the court reacts soon enough.

As for Spike’s theory that Tom Cruise bought it, I’ll be keen to listen to his next podcast to hear if he’s finally gotten some proof.

Also, if you’re into car podcasts, you really should follow Spike’s Car Radio. It’s really, pretty good.

Just look at the guests that pop up!


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