This Nevada based aerial cinematography company just put together the world’s fastest camera car dubbed the Huracam.

What’s more unnerving then driving a $200,000 exotic? Try strapping more than $600,000 worth of camera equipment off the front hood and driving THAT around at speed. According to Incline Dynamic Outlet, professional aerial cinematographers, on their Instagram post from earlier yesterday (Apr. 13,2018) they’ve put together what’s arguably the world’s fastest camera car that can film 8K footage at presumably speeds over 150 MPH. Check out their Instagram post and a couple of videos of this marvel of engineering below.

According to @cfeulner responding to a comment, the camera system alone costs three times as much as the car. A $200,000 car plus $600,000 worth of equipment and you’re looking at a $.8M camera rig on wheels.

The housing you see hanging off the front of the Huracan is the same gimbal system you’d find on the bottom of a helicopter. You know those cinematic shots in Top Gear? I’m talking about those types of shots. I’d reckon a similar system can be found on police helicopters when they give blow-by-blow reports on freeway chases.

This particular gimbal system is built by Gyro-Stablized Systems with these GSS units easily costing more than an entry-level Lamborghini. According to an article from The Sacramento Bee, a GSS system starts at around $500,000 and goes up from there.

In Incline Dynamic Outlet’s Instagram posts, their camera of choice looks like a Red Epic 8K Camera. Those will most likely cost upwards of $50,000 just for the body, forget about any lenses. Tack on another $50,000 for lenses and you’re adding on another $100,000 into the GSS gimbal + camera +lens combo.

The tale of the tape for the Huracan is as impressive. The Lamborghini is, after all, a part of the camera system. The Huracan Performante uses an NA V10 that puts out a healthy 631 HP and 443 lb-ft. Top speed without a camera on its hood is 202 MPH. With? They’ll have to find out!

Supposedly, this setup is headed to Thermal Springs, a private racetrack (or should I say racetracks…there’s three in this Palm Desert facility) for some filming.

I’ll be keen to see what kind of footage they drop or who their client is!

So the next time your friend in an Evo X sticks a Go Pro on his roof you can remind him he’ll never be “Huracan with Gyro Gimbal and Red Epic Camera” cool.



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