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New York MTA messes up big time, didn’t think wet platform paint would be a problem

MTA wet paint
New York's MTA didn't think this wet paint would be a big deal...it was.

New York Metro Transit Authority thought it would be OK if they painted a platform edge yellow at peak commute hours.

Apparently, someone in the New York MTA thinks paint dries instantaneously. According to a New York subway goer whose tweet has since gone viral from earlier yesterday (Apr. 26,2018), he noticed that a fresh coat of paint applied to the edge of the platform in safety yellow hadn’t yet dried. As you can imagine, people weren’t about to just avoid the wet paint, especially since there were no warning signs, so you can guess what happens next. Check out the pictures below!

Yup, you guessed it, subway passengers messed up their shoes and the subway’s floors by walking through the wet paint and spreading it all over.

I’m all for safety and I applaud the decision to get that platform edge repainted but this could’ve been avoided so easily. MTA could’ve taken a cue from so many construction crews on our nation’s roads and just waited when traffic was the lightest. Surely, that time isn’t at 9:30 A.M. when this mishap happened.

Taking into account that New York’s Subway’s don’t close, they could’ve also put down some signs informing passengers of the wet paint. Sure, some people would’ve stepped in it, but not everyone. The cleanup would’ve been that much more manageable.

And this isn’t even the first time the MTA has done this. Just a couple of months ago, this Subway passenger experienced the same thing.

A part of me thinks that getting the edge painted at that time was probably the only window that worker had. But then again, I did find this story on Reddit’s “Not my job” subreddit so it’s probably more like the MTA worker did this out of spite.

Look! I’ve painted it yellow like you wanted! Oh, you didn’t tell me WHEN I should’ve painted it.


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