If you’ve ever wondered why people even mess around with NOS in the first place, boy do I have a video for you.

NOS (or Nitrous Oxide.) You’ve seen it in the movies and understand that it adds power, but how fun is it to use really? Well, I came across this video of a Nissan Tsuru GSR lined up against a presumably more expensive Subaru Impreza in a race that, probably at first glance, should’ve gone the Subaru’s way. But when this Nissan driver throws NOS into the mix, the race turns out far more differently then you’d think. Check out the power of NOS in the video below.

The tale of the tape between the two couldn’t be more different. The Nissan Tsuru GSR-2000 is pretty much a Nissan Sentra SE-R. With an SR20DE engine that puts out just 140 HP and 132 lb-ft, it was an economy car with a bit of a punch.

The Subaru WRX Impreza is a performance car right out of the box. With its legendary turbocharged boxer engine putting out 227 HP and 217 lb-ft with power routed through all four wheels, this Impreza should’ve won the race like it did off the line. I reckon this particular WRX probably had a couple of bolt-ons, boosting power to around the 250 HP range. Maybe this WRX also upped its boost a bit. A front wheel drive Nissan Sentra should’ve been easy goings for this rally monster.

But this Sentra isn’t any ordinary Sentra. It’s got NOS. According to some Sentra owners who’ve dabbled with the potent stuff, an SR20DE with the right amount of supporting mods and the fuel to boot can handle a 200 shot of NOS easily. This 140 HP engine suddenly becomes a 340 HP monster at the flip of a switch.

And, like the video shows, after he arms and unleashes his NOS against the Subaru, the race is pretty much won.

Racing is an adrenaline rush as it is. To be able to beat some higher horsepower cars in something as cheap as a Sentra probably adds to the experience.

Call it what you will. That Sentra beat that Subaru, hands down.


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