Some people fed up with electric scooters are destroying them in creative ways. This Instagram account is for them.

Bird and lime scooters. Some people love ’em but most people loathe their existence. According to Fox 11 news on their report on this strange Instagram account earlier yesterday (July 26.2018), most of these videos and photos are from Los Angeles residents fed up with their misuse. Check out a couple of their more interesting videos listed below.

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the beach is so beautiful

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As of today, there are over 14,000 followers on this account and coverage from major news outlets is only making that number rise.

In a move by major electric scooter startups that amounts to asking for forgiveness before permission, literally, thousands of scooters litter the United States in major cities with a “devil may care” sense of entitlement.

In a perfect world, everybody would follow the rules of the road for motorized scooters. That means, at the very least, riding in specified lanes and not obstructing the flow of human and vehicle traffic. But, as these electric scooter companies are finding out, that is not the case with police citing basic moving violations tied to these scooters.

In response, many cities are banning them, temporarily at least. Just yesterday I reported how Beverley Hills banned electric scooters for six months. 

And, as evidence of just how much people despise them, videos and photos, like the ones posted on @BirdGraveyard’s account, is but a small snapshot of how everyone else feels about them.

I’m all for last mile transportation solutions. But to think you can dump thousands of scooters in an established community without repercussions is just plain hubris on the part of these startups.

If their purpose doing this was to accelerate discussion of their regulation, I wouldn’t be surprised one bit.

I sincerely hope Bird/Lime/whatever doesn’t actively protest these kinds of accounts. It’s a cathartic experience for people suffering the horde of scooters at their doorsteps. Better watch a video than actually destroy property.

So, don’t destroy these scooters people. If you really feel some anger, just watch these videos and photos instead. It’s almost as good.


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