Drag Times finally broke-in their 2018 Ford GT and they got this one strapped on a rear wheel dyno.

If you’re tired of hearing auction-related news attached to the Ford GT, the guys from DragTimes.com are here to solve that. According to DragTimes and their latest video update they dropped earlier today July 30, 2018) their shop 2018 Ford GT finally eclipsed 600 miles, which meant their break-in period was over, and that meant a dyno pull ( or a couple.) Check out their awesome vlog below.

I was first clued into this Ford GT being used and abused properly thanks to my Instagram feed. There, I found out these guys were driving their Ford GT regularly to get past the break-in period. Presumably, that means easy shifting and driving under a certain RPM limit.

In seventh gear, this Ford GT was barely turning over 2K RPM.

As their Instagram handle and Youtube title will clue you in on, these guys race stuff in straight lines and don’t just buy and sell their GT’s even though Ford tells them not to.

On paper, the new Ford GT makes a whopping 647 HP and 550 lb-ft. It’s a different story on the dyno. After their first run, the Ford GT managed just 505 HP and 513 lb-ft. A lot of power was lost through inefficiencies in the engine and drivetrain.

After a second and third run, where they stuffed a couple of air blowers in front of the intercoolers to keep the GT running in working temps, this 2018 Ford GT managed to put down 525 WHP. After correcting for a Dynojet dyno, those numbers jump up to 577 WHP which is the internet consensus on which dyno to follow. Apparently, supercar owners like to use Dynojets and I guess it makes it easier to compare between cars.

I’m stoked, to say the least, that these Dragtimes guys will be giving this Ford GT the proper beans. With 0-60 times touching three seconds and blasts down the quarter miles in the 11-second range, I’m curious to see how they make this Ford GT stick.

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