Low selling Subaru BRZ soldiers on for 2019, gets more expensive and special Series Gray trim level.

Did you really think Subaru and Toyota were going to upgrade an already low-selling specialty vehicle just because a dozen enthusiasts asked for one with more power (it’s a momentum vehicle, guys.) As per Subaru in an official press relase they dropped earlier yesterday ( Sept. 13, 2018) the Subaru BR-Z AKA the Toyota 86’s more expensive twin, gets even MORE expensive for 2019, there’s a special Gray series trim level optional, and did I mention power stays exactly the same at a neck-breaking 205 HP?

To be fair, a $200 price increase with the 2019 Subaru BRZ premium trim level’s MSRP of $25,795, isn’t even enough to keep up with inflation. Arguably, these BRZ’s got a tad cheaper.

Hidden within the press release in a downloadable PDF at the bottom was some special news, new for all models. The rear wheels now sport an opening arch fin, “to enhance aerodynamic stability.”

But the big news for 2019 is the availability of a Series Gray trim level based on the Limited. Only 250 will be made. You get special black-finish alloy wheels, the Performance Package with Brembo Brakes, SACHS performance shock absorbers, and exclusive exterior and interior trim. Not to mention the color, which isn’t anything like I’ve seen in the wild before. You’ll stand out, for sure.

I hate to break it to you, but the BRZ will soldier on for another year with the same boxer four that puts out an uninspiring 205 HP and 156 lb-ft. If you option for an automatic, you lose five HP and five lb-ft.

As mentioned, sales of both the BRZ and 86 are on a downward trend that sees no signs of slowing. With the car, in general, pushed to the wayside for crossovers, companies like Subaru and Toyota are revamping their lineups to push out crossovers over their car offerings. Tough luck if you think they’re going to pour precious R&D into further developing these niche vehicles.

Count us lucky we get a new BRZ for 2019, at all.


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