If there’s one commercial for a car parts maker that’ll get you excited, pumped, ready to throw your money at the screen and also slightly confused, this one’s it.

Japan, you’ve won my heart over yet again with this brilliant commercial. As per Anime News Network on their report on this one-of-a-kind commercial to come from the country known for anime earlier yesterday (Sept. 13,2018) Kyoei Forging Works, maker of motorcycle, car, and tractor parts amongst other machinery that needs to be forged, dropped a commercial of epic proportions meant to bring attention to this obscure car parts maker.

Enlisting the help of action director Yoshihiro Kanno known for his epic anime in general including lots of jet planes and mechas, this commercial is forty-five seconds of heart-pounding action.

It’s hard to make out but a worker forging parts for this mecha about to take flight, closeups of the innards of the mecha’s unpainted parts transforming from jet to fighting robot and what looks like another worker throwing a sword skyward are the only hints that this commercial is about the “forging works” of this car parts maker.

Nonetheless, its artful animation won over thousands on social media after a famous cosplayer shared it on Twitter.

The translation is a bit spotty but he roughly says that the “president of Kyoei Forging Works commisioned this video and didn’t expect it to turn out so well. Also, it looks like this type of animation is a cel animation.”

Cel animation is where individual transparent slides are artfully painted, placed on top of one another, and shot from above integrating the slides into one shot. Needless to say, it’s a painstaking process that results in a beautiful final product not easily replicated by computer animation.

And if you’re wondering, Kyoei Forging Works indeed makes automobile parts from rocker valves to shifter forks. You can find a list of everything they make here. 

My guess is that this company isn’t exactly hurting for money but are probably looking for skilled workers to fill the role of some of their aging staff. Commissioning a commercial as epic as this is a sure-fire way to get attention.

I’m sure they’ll have no problem filling empty roles ASAP.


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