West Covina Police are looking for as many people as possible connected with the beating of two security guards at the recent Paul Walker meet in their city.

Social media is a double-edged sword for both glorifying all the deplorable stuff we wouldn’t normally do but, at the same time, there’s a record of it on the internet where nothing disappears. West Covina Police is using the latter to arrest the primary suspects involved in an assault and battery as well as the destruction of property connected to that Paul Walker Meet turned sour earlier this week (Sept. 14, 2018.) According to the press release, it looks like the police are actively using evidence found on social media, specifically Youtube and Instagram videos as an article posted shortly with Instagram posts and Youtube videos was linked.

“The West Covina Police Department is investigating a felony vandalism and an assault and battery to two West Covina mall security officers. The incident took place on Wednesday night 09/12/18 at approximately 11:00 pm when a large crowd of car enthusiasts showed up in the parking lot of the West Covina Plaza located at 1111 Plaza Drive for a Paul Walker tribute. Video has been posted on social media showing numerous suspects committing vandalism to a mall security vehicle and punching two different mall security officers.”

I posted about this incident when it first started blowing up on social media with a handful of the more popular car accounts linking @Calimeets and @TheStreetHabitsCrew as organizers. Most of the videos posted that night highlighted the destruction of a parking lot security’s Toyota Tacoma trapped in a crowd of car meet attendees including the “assault and battery” of at least one of the two security guards there.


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Thank God camera phones are such good quality because you can clearly make out the faces of several individuals who threw punches at the guards or stomped on the Toyota Tacoma.

It’s not all that difficult to make out in the videos but it looks like local security guards from Professional Security Consultants were involved and, more than likely, management from PSC is seeking damages and restitution from individuals who destroyed their property.

It’s important that these miscreants be brought to justice because they need to be set as an example that this type of behavior is punishable by the law. There was no reason to assault these two guards and it’s a shame that people didn’t come to these guard’s defense.

Now, it’s only a matter of time before justice is served.


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