It’s not often you come across an Acura Legend but when it’s a Coupe with a 6-speed in Granada Black with low miles…with the higher performance V6, it’s worth blogging about.

If you’re wondering trickle down “halo-carnomics” is supposed to look like, look no further than this super rare-ish Acura Legend Coupe. As per Bring A Trailer on their auction listing they posted up earlier this week (Sept. 14, 2018) this super clean and very rare 1993 Acura Legend Coupe popped up for bidding. Regular Acura Legends are a dime a dozen and are often beat to death because they’re Hondas after all, but this one’s something else, rare, powerful, and the right previous owner.

First, there’s the rarity. It’s a coupe. Most Legends sold were sedans. That’s just the way people usually go if offered a choice. Sedans are also cheaper. This one’s also a six-speed manual, which was optional for coupes but most people optioned out for an automatic or stayed with a standard 5-speed.

The extra geare means MPG bumped up from 18/25 (city/highway) to 18/26. An 18-gallon fuel tank meant this highway cruiser had 450+ miles of range.

This ’93 is also in Grenada Black Pearl, not a super popular color given how much maintenance black paint is. Thankfully, the current owner kept up with maintenance so this black paint is exceptional. It also probably helps that this car spent most of its life in Huntington Beach, California. Located in sunny Orange County and presumably away from the beach, this car was most likely pampered.

Inside is a beautifully maintained black leather interior. With just 117, 000+ miles on the odometer, looking at the seats, you’d think this car was factory fresh. There were obviously floormats on the carpet because the black carpeting is so plush.

Then there’s the engine, and what a gem it is. It’s obvious that this engine bay was detailed but, by golly, it’s a sight to behold.

Acura Legend LS Coupe C32A1

Although this Legend Coupe is FWD, Honda mounted the engine longitudinally.  Despite the disadvantages of longitudinal FWDs, the C32A1 was a compact V6 that fit mostly behind the front axles. Weight distribution was 60/40. In 1993 Acura released a higher performance version of the C32A dubbed the Type II with 230 HP and 206 lb-ft, +30 HP compared to a year ago. The engine in this Legend Coupe is that same engine. Acura blessed the C32A1 with a higher flowing intake manifold and a more aggressive cam.

Aiding that performance was factory spec tires 215/55/16, a wide tire even for today for a FWD grand tourer.

The owner obviously cared for this car and it shows.

Earlier I mentioned halo car-onomics. Here’s the first gen NSX.

Embed from Getty Images

Now look at the Legend Coupe. See what I’m talking about?

With four days left, bidding stalled at $7,500. Let’s see how high it goes. Check back here as I’ll update you with the winning bid.

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