Daddy Dave brought his “A Game” to Chicago as he lined up against Dominator AKA Joe Woods.

The No Prep Kings, moving on for a second season, means they’re filming all across the United States shining some much-needed lights on smaller drag strips usually not on the NHRA circuit. Route 66 Raceway, however, is. As per YouTuber TomEighty, it looks like the filming crew was out at Route 66 Raceway earlier last week (Sept. 8, 2018) and with the Discovery filming crew was a large contingent from Street Outlaws and their cars in an event they call “Street Outlaws Live.” The Final race was a teeth clencher, to say the least. Check out the race below!

The matchup went far easier for Daddy Dave then he would’ve imagined. Right off the line, Dominator’s Dart reared up its front end as his driver’s side rear tire wobbled all over the place with massive tire shake. It looks like the race was already won in the pits well before they lined up. Daddy Dave cruised onto victory as a humiliated Daddy Dave limped his way back to the pits, driving his bruised Dart in front of a disappointed crowd.

The class act that he is, Joe Woods still made some time to meet with some fans.


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No prep ?

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The competition was fierce throughout the two days of filming. Outlaw Big Tire turned out to live up to the hype as Daddy Dave mowed through easier competition despite losing out to Jerry Bird and his nitrous-powered Ford.

The last race against Kye Kelley and his Aftershock Camaro delivered. Daddy Dave, being the top driver that he is, was clearly focused on the tree, knowing for sure that whoever leaped off the line first would probably win the race with both cars dialed in.

And with Daddy Dave taking a commanding lead with his quick reaction time, he handily held off Kye Kelly’s Camaro for the win.

The whole circus moves on to Morrison, Colorado as filming continues on Sept. 21-22. 


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