Photos surfaced online showing concept renderings of the BMW iNext electric SUV.

Earlier last year car journalists caught wind of BMWs next vehicle in their rollout of pure electric and Plug-in hybrid vehicles with one SUV wrapped under a sheet dubbed the iNext. As per BimmerPost on some exclusive leaked photos to hit their forum earlier yesterday (Sept. 14,2018) we pretty much have a good idea what BMW has planned with the iNext in these rendered photos. Check out this SUV EV with 400 miles of range from BMW below!


With most concept vehicles, you can tone down the wheel and tire package to something more realistic, slap on a believable paint job, and tone down the styling by a factor of .25 and what results is something touching on the production version.

What we can expect the iNext to look like from these renderings when production begins in 2020 for a MY 2021 release is BMW’s signature kidney grille pumped up to the max. Since this is an electric vehicle, front-end styling can skew more towards what designers want and not drawing back its design to make concessions for cooling.

In addition, we can expect razor-thin headlights and tail lights, as equally as thin horizontally placed daytime running lights, blue accenting identifying this vehicle as all-electric, a wind-cheating rear spoiler out back, and what looks like exhaust tunnels is probably some kind of flat bottom rear diffuser channeling air underneath.

The wheels, while conceptually large as per usual, do hint at a wheel design made to cut through the wind.

The interior shots are minimalistic as BMW aims towards a driver and passenger experience devoid of buttons. By production, autonomous driving will have further advanced and, while not at Level 5 autonomous driving, we can expect a strong Level 4 autonomy where the driver can let this iNext drive for itself, thus the lack of buttons throughout.

iNext interior
BMW iNext interior

Earlier this year Automotive News revealed that BMW had 3 battery packs and 3 motors on the way. The biggest was the 50e pack with 120 kWh and a range of 700 km or 435 miles, more than the current Tesla Model X, by far.

But, with battery technology changing by the day, Tesla will have caught up to that claim and surpassed it, surely.

BMW is serious about the future of electric vehicles moving forward. Being BMWs, I expect the iNext to have superior handling as well, one that addresses a large battery pack weighing it down.


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