If there’s one way to get spectators in your booth, putting the brightest color known to man on your Camaro is a surefire way to get some foot traffic.

SEMA is just around the corner, less than two weeks away, and that means car manufacturers are already revealing their opening salvos to get feet into their booths. Chevrolet is taking a bit of a shortcut by slapping on a color of paint on their pony car that should come with a pair of wayfarers to look at. As per Chevrolet in an official press release announcing this new color earlier this week (Oct. 16,2018) dubbed Shock Yellow, this bold color joins four other new colors, part of Camaro’s expanded color palette for 2019.

Making its debut on a 2019 Chevrolet Camaro SS, as the trim level suggests, you can’t get this color on lower trim levels, which I sortof agree with. Something this bright and you’ve got to have the power to back up that bold shade of yellow.

Along with Shock, the 2019 Camaro color palette also includes new Crush, Riverside Blue Metallic, Shadow Grey Metallic and Satin Steel Grey Metallic.

Showcased on this SS for SEMA is a plethora of new and existing parts that any customer can choose from, picking from Chevrolet’s accessories catalog, which is the whole point of this vehicle to begin with. On this SS we can see a relocated bowtie emblem and concept hood and fender graphics.

The Camaro lineup has always been about partly about customization, getting the right Camaro for you. You can already get a sense of that in their lineup with powertrains from a small 2.0T up to a honking S/C 6.2L V8, a whopping $37,000 price differential between the polar opposite 1LS and ZL1 trim levels.

GM wants you to know that all accessories offered in their catalog are rigorously tested by their R&D team, which is good to know. Presumably, all accessories ordered and installed by a dealership are covered by GM’s warranty.

A cursory look through the performance section of their catalog reveals some honestly intriguing accessories that normal Camaro shoppers probably would’ve ordered anyways. That includes intakes, lowering springs, strut bars and the like.

But if it’s the Shock Yellow paint you’re hankering over, you’ll have to wait until early 2019 before you can check that option when building your own Camaro.

Source: Chevrolet


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