Singapore is the site for James Dyson’s revolutionary electric car that should start production by 2019 for a 2020 reveal.

James Dyson is ramping up the timeline for its electric car by solidifying plans for its electric car factory location. As per Dyson in an announcement to employees earlier this week (Oct. 23, 2018) it looks like Singapore will be the host country to Dyson’s first car. This comes off the heels of Dyson opening up its design facility at a once-thriving airfield located in Hullvington, UK.

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James Dyson is politically known for, as pertains to this decision, a staunch supporter of Brexit which saw the UK sever ties with the European Union. Despite his stance on Brexit, his decision to outsource literally hundreds of potential jobs outside of the UK has a lot of his supporters confused.

Coincidentally, Singapore and UK relations have continued swimmingly with Singapore agreeing to extend most of the free-trade benefits both countries afforded before Brexit was an issue.

In a quote via the Straights Times, 

Singapore is open to having the benefits of the European Union-Singapore Free Trade Agreement (FTA) apply to Britain in a separate deal after Brexit, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Friday (Oct 19).

Singapore is a smart choice for many reasons. It’s commonly known that Singapore’s economy is a strong one, one that’s garnered the nickname “Asian Tiger” for how resilient its local economy clawed its way back after the recession of 2008.

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In addition, the workforce is highly educated and most of those who can work are working.

The Singapore government is also a proponent of technology, fostering a future in aerospace, precision engineering, and biotechnology.

With a natural geography that pushes Singaporeans to look beyond natural resources for its country’s wealth, Singapore naturally evolved to be one of South East Asia’s more advanced economies.

Free trade, as demonstrated by the aforementioned UK-Singapore trade agreement, is important to Singapore’s economy. Singapore is business friendly.

Finally, Singapore’s location, having strategic ports, makes access to certain parts and supplies that much easier.

I’ll be curious to see how fast Dyson gets the ball rolling on this new electric car. The world, certainly, has high-expectations given the popularity of its less expensive products.



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