If you head over to Maricar Karts Instagram page, you might notice they’re taking official photos at an angle. It’s because they’re trying to hide their new awful livery.

Maricar Karts recently retrofitted their karts in Japan famed for allowing locals and tourists the chance to have, as the name suggests, a “Mario Kart-like” experience. But as their personal Instagram shows, more specifically on their tagged photos when I checked earlier today (Dec. 17, 2018) it looks like all karts must now have an ugly decal that says, “Unrelated to Nintendo” in both “Japanese” and “English.”

Check out a couple photos via their fans below.


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So much fun ?

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They see me rollin?

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Both Maricar and Nintendo, perpetually in a fight for years now over copyright infringement claiming that Maricar was damaging the Mario Kart franchise, were most recently in the news with Nintendo as the winner. Part of the court order included paying a $90,000 fine to Nintendo and to rename the Maricar kart brand as MariMobility Dev.

It looks like only the fine was paid for as per their tagged photos from tourists and patrons over these past few months since the court order was handed down, there are Maricar patrons who can STILL rent costumes, more specifically from the Mario Kart brand. In this photo, you can see Maricar riders in Mario, Luigi, Bowser and Yoshi costumes. I don’t know what loophole Maricar is using but they clearly haven’t stopped renting said Mario Kart costumes.

And, as mentioned, they all have this awful livery now that says “Unrelated to Nintendo” which is in and of itself sort of advertising that they’re related to Mario Karts. In fact, this additionally livery might even make their business even MORE popular.

It’s undeniable that Maricar is still riding off the success that is Mario Kart whom, without that series, wouldn’t be as popular as it is today.

Nintendo should totally enter into some arbitration with Maricar under new terms where, perhaps, they could continue to rent Nintendo Costumes but with a percentage royalty fee attached, say, 50 percent of total sales per ride.

It’s only fair.

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