This American pastor is under fire for buying his wife a $300,000 Lamborghini Urus.

This is America, baby, and no one’s stopping anyone from following their dreams as long as it’s within the letter of the law but there’s plain common sense, people. As per the Greenville News, their local mega-church pastor John Gray earlier this week (Dec. 16, 2018) recently celebrated their 8-year marriage anniversary, noteworthy in and of itself. Pastor Gray also happened to buy his wife her supposed dream car, a 2019 Lamborghini Urus that, before adding on any options, starts at a whopping $200,000.

Here’s the video posted on social media that caught the attention of news media everywhere.

Shortly after news stories came out calling out Pastor John Gray and his purchase, Gray took to Facebook live to defend himself in a 23-minute long rant of sorts that “told it like it is.”

John Gray, in more or less words, reiterated the facts that he’s already told the greater media which includes that no church funds were used in purchasing this Lamborghini Urus and that every cent came from various book deals, television projects, and endorsements.

Pastor John Gray got his start in youth ministry through music and rose to fame thanks to endorsements from Oprah Winfrey and from being an associate pastor at one of the largest churches in America at Lakewood Church near Houston Texas under the leadership of Joel Osteen.

Since leaving Lakewood Church, Pastor John Gray took over as lead pastor at Relentless Chruch in Greenville South Carolina where he currently preaches beginning in 2018. Here he is with President Trump.

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You might take umbrage because I quoted the Urus at $300,000 but that’s a reasonable estimate in my opinion. A quick look on Autotrader and for the life of me I can’t seem to find a USED Lamborghini Urus anywhere near that MSRP. Keep in mind, this is used and not new which leads me to believe that demand for the Urus is so how that it can demand that type of premium.

Now, back to the question of Gray’s purchase. It’s not a question of “could” but of “should.” They both very well knew that anything they bought out of the ordinary would be under public scrutiny.

Personally, I think they both should’ve had a conversation between themselves if this is the right move. She could’ve gotten herself a twin Turbo Porsche Cayenne, an SUV that’s just as fast at half the price and doesn’t have the shock that the name Lamborghini had. Then they both could’ve enjoyed a track day in a Urus just to exorcize the Lamborghini spirit out of them both.

Additionally, Pastor John Gray should’ve consulted with his PR team because they surely would’ve advised him to not do such a move.

Then again, it’s his money, he can do whatever he wants with it, and he’s more keen on keeping his wife happy at the moment then what people are saying.

Like all bad press, this too, unfortunately, will pass.

Lowkey you’d return into the good graces of some of your critics if you returned said Urus and got yourself and your wife something more reasonable. But, I don’t see that happening at all.

If you ARE going to keep this Urus, Pastor Gray, it would behoove you to get some of your parishioners in the passenger’s seat to let them experience God’s glory for themselves, all 650 HP.

Source: Greenville Online


  1. […] Earlier last year I blogged about how Pastor John Gray, amidst an ongoing scandal (that still hasn’t resolved…I’ll get into that further down) gifted his wife Aventer a new Lamborghini Urus. Although MSRP for those Italian Super SUV’s is supposed to start around $200,000, as the acronym suggests, that’s only suggested and realistically new ones start at around $250,000 according to the DuPont Registry.  If you go back to my previous blog post linked above, in the video he posted up, he hints that this is no ordinary Urus, adding on optional accessories like upgraded brakes, which only adds on to the price. Back then, I estimated he dropped $300,000 but now I think that’s a conservative estimate. […]


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