FR Legends newest update now has multiplayer. Here’s how it works.

So, you want to drift on FR Legends with your friends? Well, now you can. According to developer Chen Jing and his latest update he dropped on the official FR Legends Facebook Group, Update 0.1.6 and 0.1.7 allows you to drift with your friends via LAN or Local Area Network. In more or less words, everyone on their device has to have the latest update installed and is on the same Wifi Network.

Still confused? Fortunately, they’ve dropped a quick video tutorial on their Instagram for you to watch.

I’ve also transcribed the video if you don’t want to waste your data watching the Instagram video above or if you just want to screenshot this page for future use.

  1. First, make sure all devices are under the same local network, for example, same WiFi network or Personal HotSpot.
  2. Next, Open FR Legends App and enter Multiplayer.
  3. The hosting device creates a Practice or Battle room.
  4. All the other devices “Search and Join” the created room.
  5. When all players have joined, the hosting device clicks “Start.”
  6. If you’ve done everything correctly, you should be able to start Multiplayer drifting right off the bat.

Chen Jing did put up an open poll asking people what the most common bugs are at the moment and here are the options most players who tried multiplayer listed.

  • “I don’t have a friend to play with.”
  • “Just keeps searching”
  • Stuck at “Try later, waiting server trace info.” Message Box
  • Can not connect to the server because IP is different.
  • At track intro screen, gives option to abort.
  • It’s working at first try but in second try the “Try later, waiting server tracer info” pops out.
  • 2 cars worked about 75-80 percent of the time, 3 cars was 45 percent, and 4+ was like maybe 20 percent, someone always got left at the “joined, waiting for.”
  • And…a couple of people did report that it worked fine.

So, if you’re having trouble setting up multiplayer at this point, the biggest recommendations include.

  1. Trying out a different WiFi Network
  2. Making sure everyone is connected to the same network.
  3. Maybe just trying two cars battling if three cars or more is causing issues.

Keep in mind this is just there first go at Multiplayer. I’m sure the next update will refine multiplayer even more. They actually posted up an earlier video showing multiplayer in action and it looks awesome.


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Some friends are enjoying local mutiplayer at @supergdrift 😂😂😂

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Of course, the end goal is to join practice and battle rooms online through the network and not just LAN or Local Area Network. That will obviously take more development time and should be out, if I had to guess, sometime in January 2019.

Source: @FRLegendsGame via Instagram


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