This Subaru BRZ owner couldn’t help himself leaving a car meet and lost control of his car, slamming straight into a light pole.

Cars crashing at car meets aren’t a matter of if, but when, and this textbook “gunning it exiting a Cars and Coffee and stuffing it into a static object” crash in Florida is a prime example. According to FL resident Jasmine Noffsinger and her latest post on Facebook earlier yesterday (Feb. 23, 2019) Jasmine caught the exact moment this Subaru BRZ owner let loose all 200 wheel horsepower of his BRZ at the wrong moment resulting in said BRZ drifting into a light pole. Check out the epic fail below.

It seems like the further away, distance wise, a Cars and Coffee meet is from the progenitor granddaddy of them all, the C&C Irvine/Crystal Cove morning meet, the likelihood of this hooliganism is likely to happen.

As it’s Florida, it looks like the roads are drying up from one of their many seasonal rains. You’d think that slick roads would deter someone from not showing off, but oh no, you’re absolutely wrong.

Pensacola Cars and Coffee showgoers know all too well what’s about to happen around 9:45 A.M. when the meet officially starts to wrap up, they head to the nearest grassy knoll at the entrance/exit to the main meet parking lot. With cameras aimed at the intersection, they just know someone’s going to do something they’ll later regret and like clockwork, this BRZ delivers.

The Subaru BRZ gives it the beans mid-corner which does initiate a rotation on the car. At that point, the BRZ kind of countersteers and pulls off an 1/8th decent drift but in reality, he’s lost control. The BRZ continues to lose control until said lightpole stops him quite abruptly.

The light element on top of the pole snaps and dangles off the pole, broken. In another post I can’t seem to locate at the moment, local Pensacola police arrive to sort things out.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. Hopefully, future meet goers can learn from his mistake. Take it easy when you leave. And if you ARE going to gun it, don’t do it mid-corner.

Source: Jasmine Noffsinger


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