Here’s everything you need to know about Walmart’s ValuePower and EverStart Car Battery limited warranty including the full text of all terms and conditions.

Walmart offers a limited warranty on all new in-house car batteries, that means ValuePower, EverstartPlus, and EverstartMaxx batteries.

WalMart EverStartMAXX
WalMart EverStartMAXX

The following are the limited warranties and current prices.

  • ValuePower(585 cca)- 1 year for $49.88
  • EverStartPlus (650 cca)- 2 year for $74.88
  • EverstartMaxx (750 cca)- 5 year (3 years free replacement then 2 years pro-rated) for $93.76

*a note on cold-cranking amps, a new 2019 Honda Civic OEM Battery is rated at 500 cca so even a ValuePower battery is enough for most car needs. Check your car manual or your stock battery for how much cold cranking amps you really need.

How does the ValuePower and EverstartPlus limited warranty work?

If your ValuePower or EverStartPlus battery one day no longer works and it’s within your one or two year warranty period, simply bring it to your local WalMart and they will test the battery.

If their machine determines they can charge the battery for you, the battery is NOT defective and they will recharge your battery for free.

If their machine determines that your battery can no longer hold a charge, they will replace your battery with the same battery that you purchased (or one of equal value.)

How does the EverStart Maxx limited warranty work with a prorated plan?

If it’s less than three years since you bought your battery, Walmart’s Automotive center tests it and determines it’s dead, they will give you a new one for free.

If it’s greater than three years but less than five years, and they test your battery and find it’s dead, Walmart will prorate you the remaining months left on your warranty and apply the discount towards the purchase of a new battery.

Prorating your discount is determined as follows.

(Percentage of months remaining) x (Current retail price of a new battery)

For example, my Everstart Maxx battery is 42 months old (3 and a half years old), is no longer eligible for a free replacement, is tested dead but I need a new battery. According to my warranty, I have 18 months left or 30 percent remaining. If a new battery is still $93.76 I get a $28.13 discount off that new battery price.

Does the new battery I get as a replacement come with its own new warranty, effectively restarting a warranty?

Short answer, no. The original warranty from your original battery purchase is STILL in effect.

Take the previous example above. If you bought a new battery with a pro-rated discount, totaling $65.13, and for some reason this battery tests dead 18 months and one day later, you DO NOT get a replacement battery because the original warranty of five years is what counts, is now expired, and you have no warranty claim.

The only time you get a new car battery warranty is when you pay full price.

According to Johnson Controls, the maker of all Wal-Mart batteries by the way,

“One thing many folks don’t realize when they purchase a battery, is that the warranty coverage doesn’t re-set with each warranty replacement. That means if you bought a battery with a three-year free replacement warranty on January 1, 2014, that warranty coverage ends on January 1, 2017, no matter how many times your battery was replaced under warranty during that period. Re-setting a warranty with each replacement would essentially result in a lifetime warranty and the last company we heard of, who offered such coverage on batteries they sold is no longer in business.”

Where can I read the full text of the terms and conditions for Walmart Car Battery Limited Warranties?

Thanks to a Reddit thread I found, you can read the full Everstart Automotive Battery Limited Warranty text

You can also assume the same terms and conditions apply for ValuePower batteries, too. I’d post it here but this post is already getting too long.

Do I need an original purchase receipt to redeem my limited warranty?

No, not necessarily. If you don’t have the receipt, there’s usually a punch-out date on the battery itself that a WalMart can reference. If you return to the original store you purchased it at or any store for that matter, they might be able to bring up a proof of purchase in their system.

WalMart car batteries offer some of the best bang for your buck and are a great choice if you need a new car battery. And, with WalMarts literally scattered throughout the United States, if you need to replace one via warranty work, you don’t have to look too hard.

What do you think of Walmart’s ValuePower or EverStart Car batteries? Do you think they’re a good deal? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below?

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  1. 2 things. I just replaced a Everstart Maxx(at a little over 2 years in AZ) and asked them how the warranty worked. At least as far as the Maxx goes, less than 3 years you get what is left of the orginal warranty. A pro-rated battery does get a new warranty.
    I did not have a reciept, but it was not a problem. The battery has a serial number they lookup, plus there is a sticker that tell will tell you when it was purchased.

  2. We recently purchased a vehicle and the battery is less than 9 months old and is defective however Walmart said they could not replace it because we are not the original purchaser … I wouldn’t think that would void the warranty but obviously they said it does … does not seem right to me ?

      • This may be what the printed warranty says but I’ve never been asked for a receipt when getting a warranty claim replacement at Walmart. Never been asked if I bought the battery.
        Tried a 2-1/2 year old Duracell 3 year free replacement battery. Dealer required a receipt, No warranty anyway as the 2 year old battery was in the car when I bought it.

        • I just purchased an EverStart battery about 3-4 days ago I was trying to put it on my truck in the dark I got it up up to the truck got battery cable ends on the post and realized I had them on the wrongso I took the battery cable ends off the post and went to turn it around and I dropped it busted one of the posts into the top of the battery are they going to replace my battery it’s only 4 days old and I have a receipt

          • No, not with the damage you’ve done to it. It can’t be refurbished if you break it like that. Crossing your cables like that, if you didn’t fry the computer in your car, I’d be shocked. The reason they put ted on the positive side of the battery and cable is so accidents like this don’t happen, as the damage that causes can cost you thousands. Either way, both forms of damage is easily found to be your responsibility, so not covered by warranty. You’re going to have to buy a new one.

  3. Attempted today to get an Everdstart battery warranted from Walmart in Sylva, NC. where it was purchased. Was told that I had to go directly to Johnson Controls as they don’t warrant their batteries.

    • Wow, that sounds very uncommon. Are you trying to purchase a warranty for a battery you already have? Batteries come new with purchase, no further warranty purchase needed.

    • That is just a load of BS. I wish these sad employees who feel the only sense of power in their menial lives would stop trying to make up the rules based on their moods in that moment or pack of desire to put in the effort to learn their store’s official policies.

      When you take your battery in, the automotive department is supposed to test the battery. If it won’t hold a charge, they are to replace it with a new one if under three years old, or to deduct the pro-rated amount towards the purchase of a new one. The warranty date only resets with the latter scenario.

      The Walmart i shop at has an automotive “area” but no trained staff, testing equipment or sales desk. I bought my battery by picking it off of the shelf and paying for it in the self-serve check-out. When i had to return it five months later, customer service staff was just lost. I went and grabbed a new one, brought it to the counter, told them to look up my receipt in the system using my bank debit card and they did so. They rang it in as a straight exchange and i was off with my new battery.

  4. Never buy one of these batteries from Walmart. Their Everstart Max failed within months. This must no be an infrequent issue since I was greeted with “another dead soldier, huh”.
    A reputable auto center tested it and determined that a new 750 CCA battery would only put our 64 CCA. I brought with me the print-out of these results and was told that they couldn’t accept it. That they had to test it themselves. After waiting a half hour, I was told their test would take AT LEAST AN HOUR! They blamed this on the manufacturer, but they are the ones who choose this manufacturer as their proprietary line and are the ones selling it. Sam Walton must be screaming in his grave!

  5. Never buy a prorated battery from Walmart because regardless to the price the value of the battery does not hold a full warranty if 5 years. Because the warranty period is not tied to the battery, but belongs to the original purchase date. In other words if you get a 20.00 discount on a 93.00 battery and pay 73.00 dollars for the battery your warranty could go away in 2 to 3 years.. just pay the 20.00 dollars and start over, with a new warranty. Otherwise be ripped off.

  6. walmart does not stand behind there batteries i have a ever start maxx 34n that is 2 years old has 5 year warrenty even with the sales slip in our store in rutland vt. tried to return it told i had to deal with everstart battery so what do you do .

  7. Very upset with the value power battery 16 month old gone bad I was the original buyer they said it had a one year warranty and would not take it back! A car battery should at least last 3 years they would not even prorate! Very very upset!

    • Same exact thing happened to me yesterday. Im gonna report them to the BBB and buy my batteries from costco for now on.

  8. Would like to know group 26 battery. How many years is this battery. It says 1year warranty free replacement. Went to get another battery which I knew was over the 1yr. Warranty only by 4 months. Went to get another battery at prorated price and said there computer would let them. So are you telling me that you are sell 1yr battles now. Been a auto tech. 45 year and the min battery yrs you could purchase was a 3 yr. So explain this to me.

  9. Walmart used to be good for batteries and warranty but now they suck the big fat baloney. I get so mad when I think about how many ways they have beaten me with these batteries and the warranty that doesn’t warranty. Thanks for nothing you pieces of c**p. Now I see why people do the stupid c**p at Walmart. It’s to get even. I just hate everything and everyone at Walmart.


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