This Dodge Technician is clearly off his rocker because, despite owners wanting their yellow splitter guards kept on, like from the factory, he’s ripping them off before they even get to customers!

OK, despite my title, I actually think this man’s doing the Lord’s work and I’m writing the nearest Papal Nuncio to get this man living sainthood status. According to a video shared by Dodge Technician Rafael Alvarez, a Dodge Technician, earlier yesterday (June 8, 2019) on the “Hey pal, you forgot to take your splitter guards off” Facebook group (Yah, it’s a real group) he’s proactively taking off those obnoxious yellow splitter guards on all new Dodge’s before they even get to customers.

Check out the video for yourself below!

During what I presume is the PPI, or Pre-Purchase Inspection, as PPI procedures go, protective coverings like the seat, steering wheel, and floor mat covers all come off. Same goes for the outside, those yellow splitter guards included.

I’d be remiss not to mention how satisfying prying off those plastic clips sounds as they’re popped off, two a splitter guard.

I wrote about those pesky splitter guards in a previous blog post and how, despite owners liking to keep them on, they’re really damaging the paint underneath.

By taking them off like this, this Dodge tech is preventing those factory lips from accumulating dust, dirt, and grime.

Then again, a lot of potential Dodge owners coming in probably will ask, “What happened to those yellow things? I want them.”

I can only guess instead of throwing these yellow splitter guard away, he might just throw them in the trunk.

I really hope that he’s chucking them in the garbage where they belong.

These yellow splitter guards should’ve never been a trend and were only a “thing” thanks to a handful of lazy technicians who thought, “f*** it, let the customer take it off.”

Thanks, Rafael. You don’t know it but you’re doing your country a great service.

Do you think Rafael’s a deadset legend like I do? Let me know how much of a legend he is for ripping those banana peels off in the comments below.


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