Junction Produce is warning its loyal customers to watch out for fake KimuTsuna, Kiku, and Agemaki knots, or as I like to call them, mirror rope pretzels, for sale on Croooober.com.

So, you’ve got the authentic Junction Produce aero kit off your buddy in Pacoima, a set of authentic Works VS-KF’s from your homie at the local car meet, and are looking for that finishing touch to your VIP build, those dope mirror pretzels, so you go to Croooober.com. According to Junction Produce in a Facebook post they shared earlier this weekend (June 7, 2019) they’re warning customers to be on the lookout for fake Kimutsuna, Kiku, and Agemaki Knots online because, even though they look exactly like their knots, they really aren’t (or are knot:P)

Here’s the Facebook post below.

Here’s why, although, technically those fake ropes are tied in a similar way as real Tsunas, they aren’t the real thing.

I’m no expert in VIP culture so my apologies for whatever inaccuracies I might type below but if this is the first time you’ve heard of these rope knots I’m sure you’re not alone.

VIP builds came out of the early 90’s as a different way to modify big-body Japanese RWD sedans to look almost “professionally evil” if that makes any sense. Think mid-tier Yakuza cars. These sedans look like Mercedes and BMWs but they’re your somewhat average Infinitis and Lexuses.

This video should make things clear.

Junction Produce is based out of Osaka, Japan, and, as such, authentic VIP builds with JP accessories should come straight from Junction Produce.

Here’s their factory in Osaka.

There’s a history behind these mirror pretzels.

According to JP, 

“TSUNA” is one of most Japanese style accessory.

Its origin comes from traditional festival “Danjiri ” which has been held in the south part of Osaka Japan from ancient days.

This festival still happens today and it’s an absolute riot to behold.

So, as you can understand, while you can make yourself a Tsuna Knot from any ol’ rope, it’s not authentic.

And to pass one off not from Osaka as the real thing on Croooober.com is, according to VIP hardcore enthusiasts, egregious.

These fake ones are supposedly being funneled in from China.

The real knots from JP are around $125 if they’re on sale. These ones, at half the price, are obvious fakes.

Don’t spend your hard-earned money on fake Tsuna knots. Your best bet is to buy directly from Junction Produce.

Do you have a friend or someone you know making a VIP build? Let them know about these Fake Tsuna knots by sharing this post with them.


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