If you need any more proof that lots of BMW drivers are inexperienced, reckless, and downright idiots on the road, here’s more evidence.

Update: 2/19/2020- An alleged text exchange between the BMW driver and his friend has surfaced. Linked here.

Disturbing dashcam footage surfaced earlier this weekend showing a BMW driver plowing into a motorbike rider at full speed. According to video footage obtained by the San Gabriel Valley News, a BMW M6 driver, overconfident in his own abilities, misjudged a corner and failed to brake, crossing his line, and plowing into a motorcyclist and a Ford Mustang all in one fell swoop.

Check out the disturbing footage for yourself below. The first vid is from the motorcyclist’s perspective!

Honda XR650L U-Turns | Practice and...
Honda XR650L U-Turns | Practice and Fails #Shorts

Highway 39 A.K.A. Azusa Canyons A.K.A. San Gabriel Canyon roads are a popular route for motorcyclists, drivers, and anything with wheels for its challenging twists and turns. Being close proximity to the San Gabriel Valley and the greater Inland Empire, these roads are a popular weekend getaway for car enthusiasts and gear heads alike. It also means you’ll find drivers and riders of all levels sharing the roads with each other. Exhibit A, this crash.

An eyewitness at the scene provided us with such a high-definition shot.

The BMW M6 is a more than capable car to handle a twisty set of roads but since that monster of a car is more grand tourer than a canyon carver, you really have to know how to handle all that power when going quick. This driver didn’t have enough skill and experience on these roads. Most everyone agreed that failing to brake soon enough caused this horrific accident.

You’ll be glad to know that the motorcyclist survived although he suffered injuries to his wrist including multiple fractures on both his legs.

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There’s no stopping people from driving fast on canyons, people do it all the time and it’s just the culture of Southern California to do so. If you’re a driver with anything between your two ears and want to drive fast in the canyons, don’t do it unless you know your car and are honestly proficient. The same goes for motorcyclists.

Everyone on these twisty canyon roads should be vigilant at all times, especially with these dips**t BMW drivers taking corners like this.

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