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Cars are recalled for many reasons, but mainly so car companies can cover their as*es, avoiding a large class action lawsuit. A Redditor named EatMyBoot shared the frightening story about how she found out her Mom’s Buick Regal she was driving had a recall issued, only she found out after it was too late.

Mom didn’t tell me about the recall. RIP Buick from r/Wellthatsucks

Since she wasn’t in the car at the time of the fire, no harm no foul, Mom and daughter both had a sense of humour about the entire situation, hence the funny photo.

According to, the Buick Regal and several similar GM vehicles have an open recall that fixes an engine fire hazard. While hot oil dripping onto a scorching exhaust manifold in any car can cause a fire, it was more likely to happen in these GM vehicles because of presumably poor design, hence the recall.

The recall notice states that this recall rolled out in early 2016 so I will assume her Mom sat on that recall and just plain forgot about it.

Parked at a state park, this daughter probably went out for a hike or something. With the car stationary and no moving air to keep things under the hood cool, oil dripped onto a hot exhaust manifold and caught fire.

Towards the end of the recall notice there’s this warning.

Note: Until the improved remedy has been applied, owners are advised to park their vehicle outside since the fire risk exists even when the vehicle is unattended.

Had this fire not been reported, the whole car would’ve been consumed in minutes.

Thankfully, she wasn’t inside taking a nap.

Here’s what the fire looked like during several stages of it burning including the inevitable firefighters extinguishing the flames. You’ll have to click lift to scroll through all four photos.

Recalls are for your safety and of your loved ones. Get that sh*t done.

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