It seems being surrounded by Mustangs has the same disastrous effects as driving one.

Competent dig racers, take note, and use this C7’s fate as a cautionary tale. Car enthusiast and all around cool guy Mark William shared the confusing, but kind of understandable moment one of his buddy’s in a C7 Corvette tried to take a Mustang from a dig with a full car length head start, but ended up crashing into the center divider instead.

Here’s the video for yourself below.

William and his buddies are driving along The Great River Road in Illinois, a stretch of beautiful scenic highway with plenty of smooth straight roads that follows the banks of the mighty Mississippi (it really is a beautiful piece of America.)

Here’s just about where the crash occurs on Google Maps.

From the looks of how powerful that C7 squatted on launch, he’s got some serious power under the hood. Guesstimating upwards of 700 HP or more.

The Corvette gets a good launch and seems to go straight as an arrow until it all goes wrong. He veers to the left, and high-centers himself on the center divider.

Thankfully, William reports no one was injured except for that C7 drivers bruised ego.

One C7 Corvette drops his .02 why this might’ve happened.

I had a C7 with 750 RWHP. It would always go to the left and you couldn’t steer out of it. Especially when everything is turned off. I ran an 18” dr. (drag radial) Still no good.

I think this is a classic case of tramlining or the tendency of a vehicle’s wheels to follow the contours in the surface of the road.

Cars probably carved a crown in the middle of this road over the years of driving straight and, when the C7 Corvette “hits it” his car pulls to the left and, on cold tires and no steering correction, spinning out of control is the result. Some seasons Corvette owners describe the effect on performance cars a lot better on this forum, linked here.

If he didn’t screw up his underbody too bad, some fresh rubber up front and a good alignment should cure his Mustang-possessed C7.


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