A Ms.Emelia OnlyFans would only increase her exposure, but this has to happen first.

With over a million OnlyFans content creators and seemingly as many success stories on the controversial app, content creators on other social media apps are getting in on this already lucrative revenue stream.

26 -year-old automotive Youtube and Netflix series star Emelia Hartford, AKA Ms.Emelia, recently broached the subject with her fans, in jest, on her TikTok channel with this video below.


If I get 1M subs in 24 hours I’ll start an OnlyFans.

♬ Nobody – Mitski

The style of video uses a popular TikTok Trend where the Song “Nobody” by Indie Artist Mitski is sampled while someone films you figuratively running away from your problems or, in Hartford’s case, a lucrative opportunity.

In the video we see Ms.Emelia wrenching away on one of her project cars when “the problem” (When people ask me to make an OnlyFans…) starts chasing her. As these videos go, Hartford runs away from the question but not before posting this caption.

“If I get 1 Million subscribers (Followers on TikTok) in 24 hours, I’ll start an OnlyFans.”

Hartford currently has around 670,000 TikTok followers with over 10.2 Million cumulative likes over all her videos. Obviously the video did not reach its desired goal but, according to Social Blade stats, Hartford got a little subscriber bump, good for 1,600 new followers.

Hartford’s TikTok video even got a feature on the latest LifeofPalos video. In his video, Aaron rehashes what I already mentioned and brings up several key points including how many OnlyFans is a literal gold mine for female content creators.

Palos mentions a famous female Twitch streamer named Alinty who amassed 10 years worth of Twitch earnings in just two months after starting an OnlyFans.

Gamers starting an OnlyFans is nothing new and is seen as money left on the table for a lot of Twitch streamers if you don’t start one.

Hartford, however, is in an automotive niche, herself, already having set herself apart as as a female wrencher in a male-dominated industry. Because of the aforementioned controversial stigma attached to the app, even models turned serious wrenchers, like Constance Nunes, are light-heartedly apprehensive about starting one.

Comments left on Hartford’s TikTok where mostly supportive to the lighthearted “it’s only a joke” suggestion.

TikTok user @T**BagMe commented, “LOL, you’d probably make $1M from OF in a week…that’s a lot of boost.”

Others urged Hartford to stick to cars if she said.

TikTik user @Camra_Car said, “Make it just behind-the-scenes car stuff.”

Ultimately, it’s up to Hartford

Although the TikTok video is just a joke, I’m sure the thought of starting an OnlyFans has crossed Hartford’s mind. Hartford has already accomplished a lot in the automotive Youtuber space and has definitely not peaked.

Let’s face it, car stuff is expensive. Hartford has recently opened up shop in an improved garage and, while her record setting C8 Corvette is literally the world’s fastest, it took a lot of time, talent, and dollars (at least one blown engine) to get it there.

Another income stream would make life that much easier and would open the doors to more car stuff, obviously.

What do you think? Should Emelia Hartford start an OnlyFans? Let me know your .02 in the comments below.


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