Let this guy’s story be a cautionary tale for you all! Do not let strangers drive your car.

This video’s been floating around Facebook for several months and for good reason. Honda S2000 enthusiast and Youtuber Cameron Lilly shared the fateful minute long video from his smartphone showing him riding shotgun as a complete stranger took his newly restored Honda S2000 for a test drive.

In less than 64 seconds, his hare brained decision cost him his car and put a motorcyclist in the hospital. The complete stranger and self-proclaimed Honda S2000 enthusiast was an actual noob behind a manual car and literally crashed it just as quickly as he exited the car meet.

According to Lilly, his freshly restored S2000 lasted a whole 420 yards. Check out the video below for the full-on cringe fest.

In Lilly’s defense, no one ever expects this comedy of errors to play out in such quick succession. Lilly had his suspicions when, as the video shows, this stranger chirps the tires, makes a mess out of his shifts, and reveals his real daily is an automatic Toyota Camry.

At that moment of realization Lilly makes the correct decision to re-route this absolute liar back to the car meet. But, it was a little too late because the stranger panics and slams this beautiful Honda roadster into a poor motorcyclist.

It did not go well for the motorcyclist. According to Lilly’s GoFundMe scraping money together to make his bonehead mistake a little more bearable,

Although my biggest concern is the health and recovery of the Motorcyclist. Sadly, since Maryland law states that the vehicle itself is insured rather than the driver, I am liable for all damages involved in the accident, and also potentially at risk of legal action by the Motorcyclist.

The GoFundMe has only raised $740 out of a $5,000 goal.

The above accident took place in April, and only just now is that motorcyclist emerging from PT. According to a comment from Lilly on Facebook,

“He’s (the motorcyclist) is out of physical therapy and will be receiving two settlements.”

Since posting his video, it’s racked up around 800,000 views which, in Youtube partner money for the automotive niche, is good for around $4,000-$6,000. It’s why Lilly is still posting the vid up around Facebook despite all the hate it receives.

The S2000 is getting another resto, again. Here’s an update from a month ago.

Again, tell yourself, your kids, friends, their friends, do not, under any circumstances let someone you don’t know drive your car. Better yet, don’t even let regular friends drive your car.

People treat property that’s not their own differently, friends or strangers. The risks outweigh the rewards.


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