It’s hard to beat an AWD turbocharged Civic once that giant snail under the hood spools up

Orlando based street racer turned drag strip specialist Daniel Rodriguez recently completed a Honda Civic EG Hatch street build utilizing everything he knows from the strip, dialing back the power just enough to make it streetable.

With a fully built and turbocharged K20A2 engine and an AWD conversion, Rodriguez says this street EG puts down 850 HP to the wheels.

Keen to put his latest creation to the test, Rodriguez challenged a Tesla Model S Plaid, the fastest and most expensive Tesla on sale, to a roll race from 40-150 MPH on Florida’s empty highways.

Check out how the little Civic did below.

With 1,100 instantaneous horsepower on tap, the Model S quickly shot out to an early lead.

The Civic, not at full boost and struggling to find traction, was only ever half a car length behind.

Once Rodriguez hit full boost and his tires found traction, it was all over for the Model S Plaid.

On paper, it’s quite easy to understand why a 30-year-old Civic laid the smack down on Elon’s best.

Although the Model S Plaid has over 1,100 HP, it weighs a hefty 4,800 pounds, giving it a power-to-weight ratio of .23 hp/lb or 4.4 lbs/hp

Even with an AWD conversion, these turbo Civic street builds weigh roughly 2,400 pounds, giving this tin can terror a power-to-weight-ratio of .35 hp/lb or 2.8 lbs/hp.

Rodriguez’s street Civic technically has a better power-to-weight ratio than a Bugatti Chiron (3.09 lbs/hp.)

Check out Rodriguez tuning this AWD beast on the dyno below.

From the outside, a regular car enthusiast will quickly dismiss some white Honda. Just look at Rodriquez using it to pick up flat pack furniture from IKEA.

But, those in the know will clue in on the meaty tires, grippy tires on all four corners and will probably figure out this Civic means serious business.


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