A fan of the H3H3 Podcast uncovered evidence pointing to one unfortunate conclusion

Linda Stone, better known on the internet as Mobility Mary, is a physically handicapped resident of Mar Vista(a West L.A. neighborhood), California who inadvertently gained internet fame after her Youtube videos documenting her struggles navigating Los Angeles streets on a mobility scooter went viral.

Stone, uploading videos under the username Oupsie, posted 129 videos between 2006-2019. With a dash cam-type camera attached to the front of her mobility scooter, Stone was able to capture and share noteworthy encounters with people, their cars, unleashed dogs, and poorly designed infrastructure unfriendly to scooter travel.

Although Oupsie’s channel has since been closed for unknown reasons, fans of her videos were able to archive Stone’s videos on a separate channel dubbed, “The Ghost of Mobility Mary.” That channel manage to upload 127 out of 129 of Stone’s videos.

Since it’s been over a year since Stone’s last upload, fans of Mobility Mary naturally wondered what happened to Stone and if she’s O.K.

Evidence uncovered by Redditor SockMeBaby subsequently posted on the H3H3 Productions subreddit, embedded below, unfortunately points to Stone’s house being put on the market by a real estate agent who specializes in probate, trust, and conservatorship property sales.

Photos of the house for sale listing show a scooter in the garage that matches the one used by Stone.

Another Redditor was also able to source one of Stone’s archived video’s shot from Stone’s garage, matching photos from the home listing.

As the Reddit thread title says, all the evidence put together suggests a strong possibility Stone is no longer with us.

Redditor FatLipSaysCoolin claims to live near the home in question, corroborating SockMeBaby’s evidence,

“I’ve lived down the street from her for a while, she did pass away.,” ‘Coolin said.

“It doesn’t negate the negativity she put out, but she did have periodic moments of kindness. She wasn’t right in the head, as the videos show, we just learned to ignore her, though we’d keep an eye on her to make sure she stayed on the sidewalk and stuff. “

It’s worth nothing that the aforementioned unfortunate conclusion is still unconfirmed.

Ethan Klein, host and lead of the H3H3 Productions Podcast, learned about Mobility Mary’s update earlier this week and, in a move to honor her for posterity, tasked his crew to try to buy Mary’s scooter.

“Let’s make a genuine effort to get our hands on that thing (scooter,)” said Klein

“…because they’re probably just going to scrap it.

Klein and his team discussed preserving the scooter by dipping it in to an epoxy resin or encasing it in a giant glass case.

The Ghost of Mobility Mary’s YouTube channel is also working hard to find the last two videos to complete Stone’s archived videos.

Efforts to buy Stone’s scooter will probably unearth definitive evidence of what happened to her.

As news unfolds, I’ll update this blog post accordingly.


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